Boomers’ blog posts offer comfort in these difficult times

March 6, 2022

It’s clear that the world situation is overwhelming this week, and our Boomers’ blog posts reflect that and offer balm for a difficult time as well as helpful advice. So come on in for some comfort and more:


Sometimes when the world becomes too much to bear, it’s nice going back to things we loved in childhood. The other day Laurie Stone discovered Amazon Prime has reruns of “I Love Lucy.” Certain feelings crept up as she watched Lucy’s antics, some expected and some not…


With the world in upheaval, sometimes it’s the soft memories of the past that get us through the very rough present.
This week, something is bringing Diane’s Gramma to mind.
And that something is quite simple. And very, very common!


We can always use extra money, right? For those who want to supplement their retirement income or are not ready to stop working for whatever reason, you may be looking for a side job. Rebecca Olkowski, with has put together a list of fun and creative gigs you may enjoy.


Fifty years may seem like a long time, or it may seem like yesterday. It is all in the mind of the observer. Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary recently. She reflects on the fact that in many ways it was a long time ago, and yet not so long ago, in 50 Years and Counting.


Two guest bloggers have written about how to help parents with money issues on Rita R. Robison Consumer and Personal Finance Journalist. Jamie Bosse, the money boss mom, aims to tame financial stress for young parents. Sam X Renick, creator of the cartoon character Sammy Rabbit, offers financial education to make it fun and easy for parents to help shape kids’ habits, thinking, and feelings about money. Take a look for new money-saving ideas.


It’s March and Jennifer, of Unfold and Begin, issued a new challenge for the month, Join her and others for these progressive steps to enhancing your creativity in the March Creativity Challenge.


Tom from Sightings Over Sixty writes that he, like all of us, hopes the worst of Covid is behind us — and we can resume our normal lives and live out our expected lifespans, knowing that What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.


And I’m offering a loving kindness meditation today.

6 comments on “Boomers’ blog posts offer comfort in these difficult times
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Thanks, Carol. Great job!

  2. Beth Havey says:

    Carol, I’ve been posting photos on FB concerning Ukraine, yet also following my current program to read a book and review it. I think reading enlightens the human spirit. I am glued to the television, I am praying for the people of Ukraine and then I am immersing myself in my own fiction and sharing others. I breathe. We have to.

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