Boomers reviving activist skills

November 19, 2016


As it turns out, we’re not the old, out-of-touch group that some may make us out to be. No, those who are fighting for the real America see the Baby Boom generation as having activist skills and experience that can be put to good use in what could be called the New Day Revolution.

That’s right. We’ve dusted off our poster board and markers and once again entered the fray. Over at Senior Planet, I’m talking about how “active seniors” means something entirely different these days. More like activist seniors.

Check out the post over there and I hope you’ll comment on that site today.

Thank you.

One comment on “Boomers reviving activist skills
  1. Toni McCloe says:

    I agree with you Carol. We are struggling now, not just to keep the legacy of a president alive, but to keep the legacy of an entire generation, our generation, alive.

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