Bored with the Internet

May 5, 2010

The Web just isn’t holding my attention like it used to.

I’m tired of surfing.

I’m tired of every aggregator having the same news story that never gets meaningfully updated. Of every gossip site having the same entries.

I’m even tired of looking at design blogs. Of scrolling and clicking through stories in newspapers and magazines online.

My Facebook friends hardly ever do or say anything I can’t live without. It looks like some have stopped posting altogether. I’ve even hidden a few that simply post foursquare locations.

And Twitter is absolutely useless. Even if Jerry Seinfeld DID tweet me a response to a tweet he thinks I sent him but that I have no record or memory of.


The Web requires me to sit in one place and focus on a piece of electronic equipment for hours.

I’m tired of living so much of my life in the ether.

At least for a while, I’m going to be more selective.

I’ve subscribed to the local newspaper for a month on a free trial.

I’m spending more time with friends.

I’ll still blog, though, and check my favorite friends’ blogs.

But: gonna see how old-school feels for a while. I just wanna have some fun.

2 comments on “Bored with the Internet
  1. Good for you! I love being away somewhere on the coast without my computer. I start to think for myself again and even feel parts of my body that were numb from sitting for too long… It’s bliss and I think we all need to do it from time to time. The Internet is great but it can also be a trap. Great, thought-provoking post…

  2. sovicka says:

    i am not sure if u will ever read my comment, BUT i have to tell…i feel right now just like u did that time in May…actually i wanted to write “bored” post myself, i was looking for some picture and google found the one u have in your post and when i saw it, i had to read it…and now i think i´m gonna read more of what u posted 🙂 so, THANK U very much for that post 🙂

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