How the brain benefits from mobile gaming

September 16, 2017

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I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got some down time, waiting in line for example, or even at home,  I’ll grab my phone for a quick diversion, like Words with Friends or Solitaire. So do millions of other women our age. Mobile gaming isn’t just for young people –we’re all doing it. In fact, it didn’t surprise me to learn that Baby Boomers play more games than younger generations.

And those games can be good for the brain, helping improve memory in a fun way and even working out hand-eye coordination. Brain benefits from mobile gaming? Now that’s a workout I can get into!

It’s in my blood

It might surprise you to learn that gaming’s been a family past-time for years. When my parents wanted to have fun, they traveled to Vegas or Atlantic City casinos and it was my mom–not dad– who did the gaming. She was sharp as a tack until the end of her life; I credit those trips and time my mother spent playing casino games for keeping her mind quick and nimble. I wish mine was as sharp!

But today we don’t have to travel to get that kind of benefit: mobile gaming technology allows us to enjoy simulated gambling anywhere, any time, without having to go anywhere. And without having to lose real money.

Originally a blackjack player, my mom got into slots later in life. She was lucky and won more times than not. But the great thing about mobile gaming is you don’t have to risk actual money–you can play with virtual cash. What’s not to like about that?

The fun of slot machines

Let’s take the game Hot Vegas Slot Machines–which reminds me of my mom. It’s had more than a million downloads already and gets 4.7 out of 5 stars in app stores. Maybe that’s because it can be played online OR offline without Wifi–which is great for long car rides. (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve used mobile games to help me get through long car trips.) Or maybe because it’s easy to learn and user-friendly, with cool graphics. There’s a theme for every interest and users report they’re happy about the many bonuses the game provides.

Interested in learning more? Check out the reviews in app stores –Here are the links to read reviews or download the game on both IOS and Android and yes, those are live links you can just click:










49 comments on “How the brain benefits from mobile gaming
  1. Hi Carol! I’m not into gambling either in person or online but I do like to play a few games when waiting or passing the time. I spent time in the dentist chair yesterday and it was really nice to have a diversion in between “experiences.” Isn’t it nice that we all have such a fun diversion available to us if we need/want it? ~Kathy

  2. Diane says:

    I love my solitaire games. They’ve gotten me through many a wait in the car while Husby is off facilitating the marriage vows for someone . . .

  3. Ally says:

    Personally, I find that playing games online/on my phone help me relax.

    In addition, it’s just convenient! If I have a long wait at the doctor, I pull out my phone and play a game. If I am waiting for a flight at the airport, pull out my table and play a game!

  4. Kim says:

    I love Solitaire on my phone too, but I haven’t played in quite a while.

  5. jenn says:

    Well this is interesting. I don’t play video games of any kind, but have never given thought to them being good for you.

  6. whole truth says:

    Crossword puzzles–when I was young they were fun–now, they are almost medicinal. When I finish one, it almost seems like I am holding back the tide of years.

  7. Toni McCloe says:

    I don’t play video games. I’m just too afraid that once I’ve started I’d be consumed -or that they’d consume all my free time. I do however play Sudoku to keep my mind active in the early evenings. Do they have virtual Sudoku grids?

  8. Sapana V says:

    Games are always helpful whether they are out-door games or indoor games. Games are necessary for all.

  9. Sue Reddel says:

    I like playing some games on my phone when I have a little free time. It’s free mindless entertainment that lets you unwind a little.

  10. I love Wheel of Fortune. Not a big gambler here either, but it’s cool that any type of game is easily obtainable on mobile.

  11. I love the games that are at our fingertips, makes waiting at doctors offices, and sometimes just killing time much easier. I like gambling to a certain point, I usually get bored rather quickly though.

  12. Well, I kind of feel better about my addiction to 2048 now. Since my son introduced me to that game, I’ve been obsessed. The good news is I win so much more often now than I used to, which means my brain is working 🙂

  13. Haven’t played a game on my phone in a long time — have to keep these in mind!

  14. Shibani says:

    Wow someone said it finally!! 😀 I am also huge game buff, and not just candy crush type, but I also like Quizes, and similar ones. It’s actually nice to deviate from social media and actually utilize time via mobile (games). Nice post 🙂

  15. Technology is amazing. I am at awe with all the new gadgets and tech that’s coming out these days. You’re totally right about mobile gaming especially when we’re on the move!

  16. Jilly Spellman says:

    Only time I play games on my phone is if I am at the DMV or the doctors office. It helps kill time, but at home I don’t find myself with the time to play.

  17. I’m a bit of a mobile gaming lover.I don’t have much time during the day to play but I do before going to bed and when I’m taking the train.

  18. rika says:

    I love playing slot games on my phone.So much fun!Wheel of Fortune is one of my fave games.

  19. I love good apps and I do know that they help the brain out with so many different functions. But I really think that there is something about pulling down that bar on an actual slot machine that makes things different. Maybe it’s different for other people.

  20. Rita says:

    Have you seen any research that shows gaming is good for brain health? I’ve been wanting to write about, but haven’t seen any studies.

  21. I have a lot of different games on my phone and when I am waiting for something they are a great way to have some fun. I wish I had more time to play them.

  22. I’m a big fan of mobile gaming. I grew up on video games, and I think it’s amazing that technology has progressed to a point that I can play them on my phone.

  23. Vera Sweeney says:

    I TOTALLY believe that gaming is good for your noggin. One of the major reasons I love it is because I would die of boredom in waiting rooms without it.

  24. I usually have a couple of non-gambling games going, but then I find myself wasting too much time. They are fun in the car though.

  25. robin rue says:

    I don’t really play games on my phone, but my husband is obsessed with Clash of Clans. He plays every day.

  26. Kristi says:

    My favorite games online are those that I am playing against friends. Just a way to have fun with them even if I can’t see them in person.

  27. Maureen says:

    I think this is so true, it’s a great thing to enjoy. MObile gaming can get addictive for some though, so it’s important to know when you are addicted and actually balacing your mind with it 🙂

  28. Theresa says:

    My daughter likes to make fun of me because I still play Candy Crush. I do think mobile gaming is such a great way to pass time and relieve stress or boredom.

  29. I love games that make me think more so than just a game! I love the 2048 game, even though I’m horrible at it, as well as different solitaire games.

  30. Wendy Polisi says:

    It’s been proven that some games, especially those that flex the brain muscle, are extremely beneficial. Especially with those who are older. It allows their brain function to stay sharp.

  31. This is why I allow my kids their screen time. I think in many ways, it has helped them excel in ways I couldn’t while growing up.

  32. Pam says:

    I play a lot of games on my phone while traveling. I really appreciate games that don’t require wifi or data.

  33. brianne says:

    Solitaire is always my game of choice. I’ve been playing it forever and now my kids are doing it too!

  34. I have to admit that I am a sucker for games on my phone especially slot games. Anytime I have a free minute I am playing. I will have to check out these reviews and download a few more apps!

  35. I love mobile games too! They just don’t keep me busy but it also improves my memory! 😀

  36. I love playing the slot games on my phone, as does my mom. I love playing games on my phone in general. Great post!

  37. Our Family World says:

    I have a few games on my phone too. Most are puzzle and word games. It keeps me entertained while waiting in line to see a doctor, or just to relax for a few minutes before I move on to a new task.

  38. Zain says:

    Its always good to play game to have some fun but should play little. Not every time as it could make lazy and it could make hard to do other important work.

  39. I love gambling games even if in real life i don’t want to waste my money on such things so somehow i can say that mobile games helps me. Good post!

  40. Donna Santos says:

    It’s good stuff here and I have been looking for such information for many days. Thanks for sharing this information.

  41. This is really good think! Have a lot of benefits of gaming that make lot of fun and help to learn with different angle.

  42. Jojo Ford says:

    I play a lot of games while travelling. I like that most games doesn’t require internet connection. Good Post!

  43. Eric Johnson says:

    This is why I allow my kids their screen time. I think in many ways, it has helped them excel in ways I couldn’t while growing up.

  44. jahmiljun says:

    I love playing mobile gambling games!

  45. Manal Shaikh says:

    It can benefit you as long as it isn’t an addiction.

  46. I love gaming of poker and mobiles games

  47. I aslo love brain game, which help to relaxtation and divert my mind. Thanks for Sharing Wonderful Article.

  48. Jeanni says:

    Indeed, I also love playing action games on mobile.

  49. Mojae says:

    Games have an important rule in life

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