Brain candy. Delicious dishing.

September 23, 2010

You know that bag of candy in the back of your pantry? The one you try not to take out very often? But sometimes, nothing else will do and you just have to have a few pieces.

Tim Gunn’s new book is on my Kindle and it’s taunting me like a bag of mini-chocolate bars.

You might remember Tim from Project Runway, where he represented Parsons New School for Design, and then became not only a media star but was snapped up by a name designer quick as you can say “Make it work!”

Tim Gunn-isms are legend. “This worries me.” “Carry on.”

The idiocies of the fashion world are also legend, and apparently, Tim dishes on them in his book.

Anna Wintour, the supposedly spoiled and bitchy editor of Vogue, apparently was once carried down the stairs at a fashion show, perhaps so she wouldn’t have to exert herself, but more likely so she wouldn’t have to walk in the fashionably uncomfortable heels that her magazine foists on women.

Andre Leon Talley, another Vogue maven, was supposedly seen being hand-fed grapes while wearing a plastic bib.

If it sounds like the fall of the Roman Empire, it just may be, and Tim Gunn has had a front row seat for many years. So you can bet that I’m pointing my Kindle cursor to his book as soon as I’m settled into my seat on the flight to Italy next week.

A long time ago, I started a PhD program in social psych. I quit the program but never lost my interest in group dynamics, group behavior and the way people interact with groups.

The fashion world is a significant social influence and I’m fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes and how that might affect what its audience sees.

And, let me be honest: I don’t always want to read War and Peace. Sometimes, I just want some brain candy.

I know I’ll have more to say after I finish the book.

One comment on “Brain candy. Delicious dishing.
  1. hahaha … me too! taking it to Palm Springs … perfect place for some brain candy. 🙂

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