Brain fitness at any age

July 5, 2015

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The brain’s a bit of a mystery, and these days, so are such things as where we put our keys, the right word and myriad other things. It’s as if –after a lifetime of filling–our brain is out of capacity and confused about where we’ve filed some of this stuff.
Imagine, though, if your brain got literally sloshed around in your head during an accident and you ended up in a mental fog–all the time.

That happened to my friend, Ruth Curran, a dozen years ago, forcing her to learn about how to regain clear thinking and brain health. Maybe you think your brain doesn’t work as well as it once did. Maybe you or a friend have chemo brain. Or you’re seeing signs of demential in a family member, you’re going to want to know this: there are ways to help strengthen mental processing and Ruth learned them.

She shares what she learned–and believe me, we all need to know ways to improve our brain fitness–in her new book that’s full of helpful and simple exercises to work out our brains. It would make a great gift for anyone who needs to work on brain health. Like all of us.

I’m over at Boomeon here today, talking with her about how she improved brain function and how others can do the same.  Come see. You have to sign up to comment, but you can read without signing up.

Oh, and she’s got a fabulous blog with free puzzles and brain exercises, called Cranium Crunches here. I’m there just about every day doing her puzzles.

Here’s the book cover, in case you want to buy it for three or four of your most brain-challenged friends.


3 comments on “Brain fitness at any age
  1. Janie Emaus says:

    I know and love Ruth. I think I need to buy her book for my husband. I’ll peek at it, too!

  2. Amy says:

    I thought I’d commented on this post. Hmmm? Anyway, I love brain games of all kinds, especially word games, though. I will definitely check out Cranium Crunches. My husband and I signed up for Lumosity for a time and enjoyed it, but there was a fee. There are plenty of free games online so we discontinued that. is another good source for brain games.

  3. Thanks for the Cranium Crunch link. I do like quick little mind teasers like that for when I’m, uh, bored. I also love crossword puzzles.

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