How the words of Call the Midwife can comfort us in difficult times

April 17, 2020

call-the-midwife“Not all of us can choose what we give up: the things we love are taken, or never ours at all. 

Life is defined not by what we let go, but by what we let in: friendship and kind words, frailty and hope. To be human is to be imperfect, and to accept that is to thrive.

No path is always strewn with flowers….but therein lies the power of each fragile, tender bloom.”

Almost every episode of Call the Midwife connects with the heart — its writers are particularly good at expressing the human condition. This quote came from a recent episode and I thought it was particularly timely.

We’ve given up so much, in this time of coronavirus. So much. But i am inspired by the idea that our life does not have to be defined by that, but by the things we are letting in. New connections, new ways of helping others and a deep appreciation for previously unsung heroes.

More than ever, we’re called upon to appreciate the power of each fragile, tender bloom of kindness each time we see one.

And while I wouldn’t call this situation a gift, we can look for the gifts within it.

I hope you have a moment to sit with this beautiful thought from Call the Midwife.

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6 comments on “How the words of Call the Midwife can comfort us in difficult times
  1. I have looked at this situation as a gift. My family is safe, I have food, shelter and health. So with those things in mind, I now have the gift of quiet and time to re-balance and re-invent myself going forward. Those are big gifts in my books.

  2. Diane says:

    Love this, Carol!
    I think of the ‘events’ that have shaped humanity. Sometimes small and personal. Sometimes global and earth-shaking. Plagues, natural disasters, famines. Even the more modern things like the Tylenol tampering of the early ’70s (which gave birth to modern tamper-free packaging) and 9-11 (which changed world travel). Each time we emerge a little bit changed. Maybe a little bit diminished in some ways, but strengthened in others. Let us be defined by what we let in!

  3. I never re-watch TV shows, but I re-watch Call the Midwife every time things get rough in my life. It’s just so lovely to see strong women doing wonderful work, sometimes in alarming circumstances. I’m enjoying the new season.

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