Camping "lite"

October 25, 2011

A few years back I went on a camping trip–tent camping, really–with a group of women I didn’t know. Actually, I did know one, and that’s how I came to be on the trip.

I’m not much for roughing it, but still, I was taken aback when I saw one of the campers–I think she was a judge’s wife– walking down a dusty dirt trail en route to dinner –wearing white slacks, white blouse and good jewelry. Lots of it.

Really? Jewelry? On a camping trip?

Another of the women mentioned that she had 5oo pairs of earrings. I noticed she changed earrings twice daily. While camping.

We camped a few times as kids and perhaps a time or two as a young adult, but I can’t say that I’ve ever liked it much or called myself a “camper.”

Still, I have to admit that I admire the spirit of these women who did it their way and definitely felt entitled to call themselves “campers.” White outfits, jewelry and all.

If you’ve got a good camping story, I’d love to hear it.

3 comments on “Camping "lite"
  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of camping; I just don’t like camping itself. Once drove cross country and camped by Grand Canyon in April, and it was freezing, the ground was hard, and my friend snored all night. That was the last time I went camping.

  2. Funny how much we always have in common!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love to camp! The last time I went camping it was rustic camping in the Everglades. It was so very, very dark out there no lights near us anywhere…pitch black. In the middle of the night I heard a creature grunting and I suspected a gator had crawled up to my tent. I was petrified but had to pee. I realized the sound was not that near but near enough. I put my ass out of my tent and peed right in the front entrance hahahaha. I jumped back into my tent. After a moment I realized the grunting sounded more like snoring since it was so rhythmic and never moved. The next morning over breakfast the guy in the tent sort of close to mine had heard the same grunting sound coming from the area near where my tent was…we finally discovered it was OUR SNORING. His scared me and mine scared him. LOL So much fun!


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