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June 2, 2009

A homosexual character lands(bare-assed) into a sexually provocative position right into the lap of a homophobic rapper.


That was a “funny” skit at the MTV awards. The bare ass belonged to Sacha Baron Cohen. The “victim” was rapper Eminem.

I’ve watched the clip several times and I still have no earthly idea why this skit is considered hysterically funny.

By adolescent-boy-standards, perhaps it is.

But to me, it illustrates just how far we’ve sunk.

Like the Jon and Kate ratings. Higher than ever, now that there’s scandal involved.

Our cultural wasteland.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me a good tabloid. No shame attached. Gossip.

But this? It’s something different.

Adults thinking it’s funny to drop a guy’s near-naked crotch into another guy’s face. TV viewers watching a family self-destruct on national TV. With 8 kids as victims.


I feel a little like the kid who points out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

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