August 26, 2009

After fighting it for months, we have capitulated and bought a Kindle. I’m expecting it to arrive next week.

We bought the smaller one, as a trial run. It’s very portable and I’ve watched travelers on planes happily using them.

Normally, I carry several pounds of books on long trips. This will definitely save weight and space in my bag. More important, now that airlines actually CHARGE for overweight bags.

M. is a science fiction fanatic, and was astonished at how many of his favorite authors’ offerings he could get in Kindle format for just $9.99 apiece. Now, we each have a list of books we want to download.

I predict that we won’t be on the plane to Italy an hour before we face the dilemma of who uses the Kindle.

“But I like short story collections, so I can read a story or two, then give you the Kindle for your turn,” he said.

Sweet. He is. Very.

Still, I predict a second Kindle after Italy, but before our next big trip. Maybe the larger one. Or maybe another small one.

That’s where I’m puttin’ MY money. Or I would if I were a gambling girl. Which I am not.

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