Why I looked for a therapist

October 21, 2022
I've been struggling, have you noticed? With everything. The state of the world. The losses I've experienced. My own world view. If you've been reading along, you...

Fall candles are ready to go!

October 7, 2022
I'm not sure which are my favorite scents: fall candles or holiday candles. They are all scrumptious and make the holidays come alive. It’s officially fall, so...

A good man and the last of that generation

September 29, 2022
I called him Uncle Frank, but he wasn't actually my uncle. Although he WAS married to my favorite aunt. SHE was only related because she had been married to my...

If you think you’ve got this, you probably do!

September 28, 2022
Here's what studies show about how we can help ourselves heal: or You've Got This! Sick people who have a positive attitude report less pain and can have better...

Out of the darkness, into the light

August 10, 2022
I've spent too much of today thinking about someone who can't find their way out of the darkness. Their darkness. Oh, not really depression, although it may very well...

Please don’t forget those who are suffering

August 10, 2022
Every so often I like to remind you what a lovely, thoughtful thing it is to gift someone who is suffering---and why not do that with one of our gentle, supportive...

Celebrate summer with scents and shades of the season

June 24, 2022
Yes, candles for sale again! Gifts for you or someone else? I'm making a few of our beautiful summer candles with tiny shells and colorful seaglass, along with the...

What to do with all the grief

May 25, 2022
After my girlfriend passed, I found myself staring sightlessly at the incredible obituary in the New York Times and at the one her husband wrote that appears on...

How to effectively be there for someone who is sick

May 11, 2022
You'd think that the ability to be there for a loved one who's sick would be natural. Turns out, it is a rarer skill than we'd like it to be. I know a little about...

How recounting the stories keeps them alive long after they...

April 19, 2022
A story about a bison in Yellowstone. And all about the remembering. Found among her personal effects When my late girlfriend's husband emailed me a photo of mementoes...

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