Quinoa with vegetables recipe

September 26, 2023
Quinoa is a high-protein grain (or seed) that's even better for us than brown rice. Plus it has interesting vitamin health benefits, including providing nutrients like...

And just like that, fall is here

September 24, 2023
Isn't it nice to feel the fall chill in the air? At least here in northern California, it's happening. And also happening is life for our Best of Boomer bloggers....

When bad things happen

September 19, 2023
When bad things happen in the world around me, especially to people I love, I always wonder if there's meaning to it, or if it's just a random world. I don't think it's...

Unexpected consequences of benign neglect

September 15, 2023
We arrived at our little East coast house two weeks ago to discover the unmistakeable smell of mold in our basement. When I'd left in early spring, everything was...

Let the wisdom of sages guide you

September 12, 2023
Everything that is meant for you will find you. From people, to moments, to things. If it is for you, it will come. Trust. But to unlock it, you must first find...

Let them be wrong about you

September 6, 2023
It's a beautiful summer day on our spectacularly colorful patio as I write this. Ah, the beauty of California! A friend and I were talking recently about how...

My life is a river running soul deep

September 4, 2023
Wait. Was there ever a time I recognized it... or felt self-conscious about it? I've always been soul deep, but not so sure I ever thought about it. Or worried about...

How social media can be both disturbing and entertaining

August 29, 2023
(Don't worry, this post is NOT all doom and gloom, so keep reading!) Social media grew over the years to become a big part of my life. It's a way I connect with...

How to prepare for aging in place

August 28, 2023
Most of us live as though we'll be here forever, never considering the end game. Mostly it's because we see aging as loss. Who wants to prepare for that? But is that...

Body dysmorphia: when new and improved really isn’t

August 23, 2023
So Madonna had "some work" done a while back. Maybe just too many fillers. But people noticed and discussed. It's not a good look. Even the most ardent Madonna...

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