May 27, 2009
" ... I can't bear another episode of The Deadliest...

Smartest thing I ever did.

May 25, 2009
Two years ago this past Saturday, a 2.5 lb ball of fluff arrived at the Orlando airport, barking like crazy and jumped straight from his crate into my arms, letting out...

Nurse Riley helps make the bed

May 24, 2009
My three-day fever finally broke this morning. Dr. K. sure knew what he was talking about--this was BRUTAL. I haven't been this sick since the mid-1990s. Except for that...

Rain, pouring rain

May 21, 2009
I'm enjoying lounging in bed with Riley, late, and watching the heavy rain outside my bedroom window.This, despite a mild headache, dry throat and sniffles that may turn...

Going to the dogs

May 19, 2009
We are making an offer tonight on a home in San Jose. Our major discussion about the home was not its size, its style, its size, or even its price.It was what rooms...

His Naughtiness is BAACK!

May 13, 2009
Riley had breakfast and then began his usual routine of mischief. Closet-diving. Zooming around. Nipping at my ankles.What a...

A few tweaks

May 13, 2009
There is so much going on in my partner's life, we've decided that I'll take the business forward the rest of the year, while she works out her situation. She is a...

Juju, bad or at least strange

May 12, 2009
I know, pathetic, huh.The Rilester. or Riles.That's what FLH calls him.So not even halfway through the conference I was attending, Riley's daycare called and said that...

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