The best thing about having a dog

November 3, 2015
Wandering around Santa Fe, I came across so much dog inspiration that I simply had to do a post that was all about dogs. Well, to be honest, Riley made me post this....

Tips for traveling with your dog

August 17, 2015
It's been more than five years since we've taken Riley on a long road trip. That time, he rode shotgun as we moved from Tampa, Fla, to the San Francisco Bay area. He...

Moving west: the adaptability of cats

August 14, 2015
Chapter 2 Cats are really more adaptable than you think. You can catch up with the preface and Ch. 1 on my home page ... scroll down to the Trippin' category. We...

Nosing around town

August 1, 2015
I'm getting ready to go to nose class, where I learn to locate things by scent. Want to come? Today was the first day we worked outdoors. Miss Pam put a bunch of boxes...

The cost of good will

July 25, 2015
It's always a shock when service businesses do not understand the concept of customer relations. Although it shouldn't be; we've had enough proof of it over the past 20...

Riley’s Lobster Award

July 1, 2015
When my mom told me I'd gotten a Lobster Award, I was so excited! I do love seafood.  She said her friend, Kim Tackett of Tour of No Regrets nominated me. Mom was...

Dog with blog, again

June 26, 2015
Riley's got the blog again. What's not to like about a dog with blog? Who's that I see out of the corner of my eye? "Listen, buddy. You think you're tough? You ain't...

(My) dog with a blog

June 2, 2015
Seriously? You think this toy is too big for me? I think that leg is just the right size. Let me take a bite of it. I think I'll bite it in the butt, now. Then I'll...

What are your summer plans?

May 31, 2015
This sign reminds me of kids having a long, lazy summer at a cabin, wearing swimsuits 24/7 and jumping into a lake to cool off from time to time.  I can even hear the...

Dogs on parade

May 23, 2015
Do you recognize him? If you're a regular reader, you may remember that this is Rocky, one of my favorite dogs, otherwise known as GCH Fulla Bull Soulja Boy, Best of...

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