It’s not my job

January 4, 2024
  Disturbing installation, isn't it?  The artist made a gorgeous glass chandelier and then purposely shattered it. Why? Here's what it's about and as you...

How to make a 2024 Gratitude Bucket

January 3, 2024
When I decided to do a little gratitude bucket last year I didn't realize how much fun it would be to unfold my entries at the beginning of 2024. But let me start...

This might be a life-changing perspective

December 28, 2023
This compelling piece by an anonymous writer was posted by a friend and is a brutally real perspective on life. Life-changing. And an inspiration for living. I'll say...

If you’re a caretaker, this might be why

December 20, 2023
Cheer when your friend wins. Hold her when she's sad. Love her when she needs hope. Care for her when she says she's fine. Believe in her when she doubts. Show...

Do you have a dog in this hunt?

December 15, 2023
Dog in this hunt: stake in the outcome. My position on any given personal situation, especially big ones like relationship endings, is to determine if I have a dog in...

Paying it forward

December 12, 2023
Few things have touched me more than receiving a kind offer that was paying it forward. If you don't know what that means: It's when someone who received a...

Book gifts you’ll want to give this holiday

December 8, 2023
Let me help you finish your holiday shopping right here, right now: Why not spread some positivity this holiday with book gifts that inspire and warm our hearts?...

A word about the loss of Rosalynn Carter

November 29, 2023
Do what you can to show you care about others and you will make our world a better place. ~Rosalynn Carter 1927-2023 Until I found myself sobbing uncontrollably...

Thanks– for you

November 21, 2023
I can't think of a better week to express my thanks to you, my friends....whether I have met you in person or only online....those who leave comments, who share, who...

Why not start a kindness movement?

November 15, 2023
Let's start a kindness movement. You know, one in which every day we identify acts of kindness we can do to benefit another. Then, we do them. They don't have to be...

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