Minted melon: delicious, light company dessert

September 5, 2011
INGREDIENTSMelonFresh mintSTEPS1. Visit your local farmers' market and buy the sweetest yellow flesh melon you can find. Or orange flesh. That way you won't need to...

Absolutely fabulous shrimp salad for 6

September 5, 2011
INGREDIENTS1.5 Tablespoon kosher saltHalf lemon, quartered2 lb. large shrimp in shell (or cooked shrimp)1 Cup good mayonnaise (maybe a little less, to taste)1/2 teaspoon...

Tasty vegetarian recipes

December 28, 2010
I'm looking for really delicious vegetarian recipes.If you've got a favorite online source for tasty veggie dishes, please share here on the blog!Thanks so...

Easy last minute dinner…& a holiday surprise

December 20, 2010
Busy trying to get those last gifts wrapped? Fighting the crowds at the market as you stock up for the big dinner? Short of time?Holiday parties, big meals,...

Make gingerbread holiday memories

November 28, 2010
My best holiday memories are of activities that engaged my emotions and senses. Hard, cold snow in my glove as we made snowmen in the crisp winter air. Icicles dripping...

Easy, healthy, last-minute holiday appetizer

November 24, 2010
Short on time? This is the easiest canape, ever. It's healthy and so tasty. And different from the usual pre-dinner fare. Blue cheese has such a strong flavor, you...

How to bake kale chips

November 23, 2010
By popular demand, here's the recipe for delicious, nutritious, crispy kale chips. A healthy holiday snack that my husband loves to munch on as he watches football.I...

Easy Labor Day weekend recipe

September 4, 2010
Who wants to slave in the kitchen on a holiday weekend in the summer? Even if you're grilling on Labor Day, you'll want to fix something healthful, tasty, quick &...

Easy, yummy company meal

April 5, 2010
I don't usually post recipes, but I made something so good and so easy today that I figured I'd share.I saw some frozen halibut that looked promising at Trader Joe's the...

Rainbow of foods

August 20, 2009
It's not so hard to eat healthily, if we think about the rainbow of foods available to us.Some delicious raw. Others made more tasty by excellent preparation.I don't...

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