How we find comfort

August 8, 2019
We find comfort in the familiar and in my husband and my culture, it's the aromas that emanate from a Sicilian kitchen...peppers, onion, garlic, eggplant and...

How to adapt recipes to prevent or manage diabetes

May 6, 2019
People in my close circle have diabetes. Even though they have been treated, some already have neuropathy, numb fingertips and toes, blood sugar that can fluctuate...

What Boomer babies are thinking about today

April 28, 2019
Rebecca Olkowski with was suffering from neck and shoulder tension from sitting at her computer and it was driving her nuts. She found some solutions...

Yummy meals for every diet

April 10, 2018
Who doesn't love yummy meals? It's that time of year--(that would be every time of year) --when we're all focused on trying to eat healthy. We don't want to spend...

Avocado toast on rustic french bread

April 2, 2018
Doesn't that avocado toast look delicious? It is. It's as yummy as it looks and you can make it really easily. You may recall I posted a sweet potato toast and avocado...

How to do France on the Whole 30

June 2, 2017
We just returned from 16 wonderful days in France, where the culinary delights are many. French food is known for its liberal use of butter, sugar and bread, all...

Shrimp and pineapple carpaccio

March 3, 2017
Spring is around the corner and that means summer is coming, and so is the need for cool, refreshing appetizers that taste great and look so pretty. Ok, ok, I'm pushing...

How to succeed on the Whole 30

February 6, 2017
So what's the Whole 30? It's a 30-day clean eating plan that eliminates all dairy, grains and sugar from your diet. It's a way to truly detox without taking any...

Easy, healthy favorite recipes

February 1, 2017
Who doesn't like an easy recipe that tastes delicious and is actually good for us? And who doesn't have favorite recipes? While I'm away at school, I thought I'd...

Joyless eating

January 10, 2017
It's been about six weeks since I began detoxing on The Whole 30 program, which eliminates sugar, dairy and grains as options. I mean, they are gone, gone gone from my...

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