Personal care products that actually work

June 3, 2024
It's always a pleasure to find personal care products that actually work. So today, I'm sharing a few of my tried and tested favorites. (Not sponsored at...

Goodbye, Grey’s Anatomy

May 6, 2024
Has it really been almost 20 years since Meredith, Derek,Christina, Bailey, Izzie, April, Jackson, Dr. Webber and the other original cast members appeared on my screen...

Fragility and strength: the beauty of glass art

April 18, 2024
Welcome to the Corning Museum of glass, about an hour and three-quarters from my hometown of Rochester, NY. It's huge---so huge! Fascinating--historically and...

The beauty of Botticelli

April 5, 2024
Sometimes, an artist brings his era alive in such a beautiful and vivid way that you're left wanting more. Such is the case with Botticelli, whose drawings (and some...

What you need to know before you book that cruise: a Viking...

July 19, 2023
So I'll admit it: we are fans of Viking cruises. We think they're the best deal around for the highest quality cruise experience. And this Viking cruise review...

Best! Ride! Ever!

April 21, 2023
We were in D.C. with our nephews, who'd called for a ride to take us out for the evening. There were five of us, requiring a big SUV. One pulled up. As I climbed...

How I became a car guy

February 27, 2023
I am a car guy. Or, more accurately, I am an unlikely car guy. I can't explain how an internal combustion engine works. I can't replace brake calipers or a...

Institutional gaslighting: The way it works

December 19, 2022
You may or may not know that I had a 30+ year career in public relations, much of it involving high profile people or public companies seeking positive media...

The gold-burnished real reality

December 6, 2022
Like an anthropologist, I have watched the "Real" Housewives for insight into worlds I know very little about. And for a while, in the early days, that very strange...

Check out these unique & wonderful holiday gift ideas

November 4, 2022
'Tis the season for gift giving and if you're seeking unique gift ideas, I've got some that are sure to please. Lily Lark parasols and fans I've had a Lily-Lark...

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