Why you should respect but not fear looking within

October 5, 2020
If you had asked me months ago if I thought looking within was challenging I'd have said "absolutely not!" Well, not so damn fast. I'm in my hometown, 2,500+ miles...

Connecting with the origins of cruelty

September 28, 2020
The cruelty in the world is unbearable to those of us who feel things deeply. Personal and societal, it's all the same. Cruelty is cruelty. More often than not, cruelty...

The river in us all

September 14, 2020
The river that flows in you also flows in me. ~Kabir While I understand the politics of fear intellectually, it is very hard to understand how many in our country have...

The examined life in a time of isolation

August 10, 2020
The unexamined life is not worth living, Socrates said, famously. I say the examined life can be hell. But truth is, it's the only way I can live. It ain't for...

It’s got to be a wakeup call

July 10, 2020
It's always so bizarre and really, a wake-up call, to talk about Trump with people who get their view of our world through Fox. Or, as those who understand what news...

Why some feel more hope than ever on this Juneteenth

June 19, 2020
It’s Juneteenth: "Freedom Day" or "Emancipation Day" --the day that Texas, the most remote of states, freed all slaves. So it’s only fitting that today, in the...

The night I was hit by a bolt of spiritual lightning

June 15, 2020
Big sky is calming and the rainbow coming out of the cloud looks like a bolt of spiritual lightning. We need calm and a bolt of spiritual lightning about now. I...

When we remembered who we are

May 25, 2020
This is my hope. That what's going on now will turn the tide for humanity. That we will realize that caring for one another is what's really important and that we will...

What to make of memories in this time of reflection?

May 11, 2020
"Sometimes, our lives overlap with others, only briefly. We share troubles, laughter, or learning and move on,  Afterwards all we will hold in common is a memory. The...

What I’m learning in this wilderness of uncertainty

May 1, 2020
We're living in a wilderness of unknowns, of uncertainty, where around any corner could be the moment that takes our lives. Some of us spin out in anxiety, some avoid...

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