What happens after we die?

May 3, 2023
Hang on, kids. This one's going to raise some eyebrows. Maybe. You be the judge. Because what happens after we die is a pretty important topic. Back in 1990 I was...

How we’ve failed to meet the promise

April 18, 2023
While visiting my nephews in Washington, DC I visited the new-ish Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. I wanted to to remember an ex-boyfriend, now dead, who was the...

What do you say to someone about their loss

April 7, 2023
My sweet girlfriend died. Suddenly. Without warning. She just up and left. And I, who am all too familiar with grief, taken by surprise, found myself saying to her...

What do you get when you combine nostalgia with homesicknes...

March 8, 2023
Yes...hiraeth. That's what you get. More than nostalgia. Our pasts are full of lost places, places we'll never be in again. And not just homes, like this one, the...

He’s gone, but his light remains

January 5, 2023
  It would be facile to say I needed a father and he fit the bill. I had a father of course, and the complex history that goes with a pretty fraught (but in the end,...

It really IS all about the consequences

December 27, 2022
I haven't always made the best decisions in my life. Not the best decisions for me OR the best decisions, period. So let me make that perfectly clear. Also, I do...

When is a chance one too many chances?

October 24, 2022
Too many chances. Do I give people too many chances? I wonder, sometimes. I forgive easily. Do not hold grudges. Do not mind starting over with...

A good man and the last of that generation

September 29, 2022
I called him Uncle Frank, but he wasn't actually my uncle. Although he WAS married to my favorite aunt. SHE was only related because she had been married to my...

How the Queen held space for our own grief

September 21, 2022
For many of us, Queen Elizabeth II's funeral held deeply personal meaning. Oh, we didn't know her. And maybe she wasn't our monarch. But nonetheless, we found the...

On this day, 50 years ago

July 15, 2022
It wasn't unusual 50 years ago to see this Oldsmobile Cutlass on the road. What is an Oldsmobile, you ask? It was a division of General Motors and its last car came...

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