Don’t reject, inspect!

June 13, 2024
I'm always shocked when people with scientific backgrounds reject non-traditional thought out of hand. "No way!" they insist. "The science isn't there!" Well,...

How powerful is prayer?

June 10, 2024
There's a fairly visible pastor in my social media feeds. Someone I met almost 20 years ago in the course of my job. I was a bit...judgmental...about him and I...

When dreams die

May 13, 2024
Pardon me, while I grab a tissue to wipe away tears. A lovely couple who have cared for our pups during vacations for more than a decade are leaving the U.S. to...

End-of-life: an unavoidable topic

March 27, 2024
Let's face it: no one likes to consider their death.  Few things are as sensitive (and downright scary) to some as discussions with loved ones about end-of-life...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

February 16, 2024
Every so often I'm reminded that I've lived many lives within this one I'm still living and such was the case the other day when we went to Costco. You may...

The problem with an open heart

October 25, 2023
What? You don't think there's any problem with an open heart? You believe that's the way we should all live? Oh, I agree. It's a beautiful way to live. The problem...

World on fire: what you can do to help

October 21, 2023
The entire world is on fire, whether you realize it or not. Many are suffering physically and emotionally. People you know ... as well as many you do not...

Would you go back and do it all again? The same way?

October 2, 2023
I would. I would do it all again. The very same way. All of it. Even the shit parts. The heartbreak. The grief. The difficult...

A simple exercise to access more love in your life

September 28, 2023
  When you live with an open heart, you're vulnerable... ....and don't I know it. Not everyone sees the open heart for what it is--or respects it as they...

My continuing spiritual journey: What the spirits had to sa

August 8, 2023
"Yeah, I'm always concerned about my life review on the other side," I said with a laugh to my favorite medium, as we talked about my life. I just had my yearly...

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