Is my love affair with California over?

September 30, 2019
I am a Californian. A northern Californian. No, I wasn't born here. Didn't grow up here. I didn't get here until I was 33. But on my very first visit I felt that...

What you need to know before you go to Egypt

April 10, 2019
Our trip to Egypt might have been the very best trip I've ever taken. We went with Lindblad/National Geographic, and the trip was led by two Egyptologists who gave us...

How a city slicker became a country mouse

October 23, 2018
Have you ever fantasized about moving to an idyllic country setting? A more relaxed lifestyle? Lots of natural beauty? My friend, Linda Hobden, isn't anything like...

Why it’s good to be queen

September 25, 2018
There are probably many reasons someone wouldn't want to be queen but tiaras have to be a major reason why it's good to be queen.  The Victoria & Albert Museum in...

How I learned to pack light + tips

February 26, 2018
Pack light? Not hardly! I felt extremely stupid the year I brought two gigantic suitcases to Europe and had to wrestle them up long staircases by myself. I was, in a...

Wagon, ho!

October 2, 2017
By the time you read this we will have finished our two-day drive to Santa Fe --where we'll live for the next two months. This will be the fourth year we've done the...

How to manage the hassles of air travel

July 11, 2017
People who don't travel talk a lot about the hassles of air travel. The aggravations. The problems. All the reasons they do not fly. Of course, that's usually an excuse...

Caution: Komodo dragon

May 15, 2017
I had no idea what a Komodo dragon was until I read a story way back in 2001 about the then-husband of actress Sharon Stone getting attacked by one. Who knew? A 10 foot...

Croissants, macarons + flowers: ahh France!

May 10, 2017
Yes, we're off to France for a while, hopping a plane to DFW and meeting our friends for the trip across the pond. Without my usual ton of baggage because I was more...

How to pack for Maui

November 30, 2016
This is the piece I was supposed to post the day i went to Maui, but I didn't get to go. That story is HERE.  Now on to the riveting topic of packing for Maui. Or any...

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