Get ready to celebrate fall!

September 7, 2021


Why not celebrate fall with a house that’s deliciously fragrant with the best smells of the season: apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, apple cider, harvest spice…and more!

What if I told you that the crystals included in these candles can help us feel less anxiety and more peace and relaxation?

Our fall candles include tiny tiger eye stones, which help release fear and anxiety, encourage harmony, and can also help us harness inner strength. (Sounds good to me.)

Ground citrines help promote positivity and optimism. I could use more of that.

And believe it or not, raw petrified wood is said to calm fears and promote feelings of safety and security.

celebrate-fallEach candle also includes a pretty little removable maple leaf charm.

For myself, I’m choosing pumpkin spice, apple cider and apple cinnamon, plus I’m making some for my BFFs. Because shouldn’t everyone have a house that smells like the best of autumn?

The candle studio closes for the fall on 9/11/21 and won’t reopen til early November, when I’ll make winter holiday candles, so now’s your chance to grab a fall candle or two for yourself. Or maybe a Thanksgiving hostess gift?

Get all the deets right here.

BTW, I also make custom candles for events or to memorialize a person or pet. Get in touch if you want to talk.

4 comments on “Get ready to celebrate fall!
  1. I am so ready for the smells of the season – just started a Crockpot full of Collard Greens and Mixed Beans!

  2. Jane Carroll says:

    How exciting! I ordered the Buttered Maple Syrup… my house will smell like waffles all the time! I can’t wait to receive it.

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