Celebrity dirty laundry

March 25, 2015

You couldn’t prove this by the TV show, Scandal.

This began as a post about film and movies jumping the shark–a term coined years ago to describe the point in the cycle of a TV show where it starts to decline in quality. For example:

My dear Shonda Rimes and her team do some fabulous writing on Grey’s Anatomy. In the past, the team seemed to know when the audience was at the breaking point with a story line. For example, early in the series’ run the Meredith and Derrick troubled romance went on and on. And on. And on. Strom und durst. And just about the time we were ready to scream, or turn the channel, the characters got their “happily ever after.”

Until now, when it seems Patrick Dempsey wants to leave the show. Oh, we fans were so relieved to see an end to Meredith’s angst.  Thankfully, she’s much stronger now and it looks like Shonda set us up for this plot twist last year when Christina’s last words to Mer were:  “He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are.”  Ok, dry your eyes, if you clicked that link and watched it. Oh, Christina, we miss you so.

I love that piece of dialogue and now it’s clear that we were being cleverly set up for what is coming. Mer will be better than ever without Der.


The McDreamys early in the Grey’s Anatomy run. They look so young.

How did I  miss the fact that Dempsey was leaving? Maybe because I kept hearing other gossip that got more play. Gossip that Dempsey left his wife for another woman. And another piece of gossip that said it was for another man. Yes, everyone in Hollywood is either gay or wants to be gay.

My writing idol, Shonda, has not done so well with another one of my favorite TV shows, Scandal.  Spoiler coming in the next paragraph, so skip on down if you aren’t up to date.

I am all for the willing suspension of disbelief, but the idea that Olivia would be kidnapped and auctioned off to countries…or that the President would send the country to war so his girlfriend won’t be killed….or that Mellie went from being a terrible mother to being a grieving mother who collapsed at her son’s grave eating potato chips every day…to wanting to be President of the United States…or that she would actually purposely gork out the VP (her former lover) to keep him from ratting out their cosy little deals….or….


The First Lady grieves the loss of her son with tons of junk food.

Yeah. I am getting just a tad tired of this season.

However, what IS more interesting is the persistent rumor that Kerry Washington’s marriage to that guy whose name I can’t pronounce, much less spell, was always a fake …that they never spent much time together…with no explanation about why they had  child together…and now that they are separated, it seems like there might possibly be fire where that smoke is….not to mention the extremely detailed and persistent rumors that she and Tony Goldwyn really do have a thing going in real life, down to specifying a Broadway performance they were due to attend together until his wife put the hammer down.

When those kinds of rumors about actors in real life are far more interesting than the plot of the TV show they star in, well, the writers ought to pay attention to that and clean up their act.  Because celebrity dirty laundry should not be as good or better than TV.  Just sayin’.

celebrity-dirty-laundryOf course, certain celebrities seem to be as Teflon as my favorite president, Bill Clinton. (Oh, Hillary, what HAVE you done with this bone-head email thing? You are putting us at risk of having Jeb Bush in the Big House and speaking as a former Floridian when he was in THAT big chair, well, trust me, you do not want that to happen.) But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, Teflon celebs.

Let’s take handsome and debonair George Clooney, who has been dogged by gay rumors for years. His taste for androgynous women may lead to some of that–the rumor mill always buzzes that they are on salary. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when he married Amal–he swore he’d never remarry and this was a relatively short gig before the wedding.  But again, she looks kind of like a guy, just like that Italian woman he dated for a while, who REALLY looked like a guy and maybe was even transgender.  But I’m getting out of my lane here.



Androgynous Amal.

Anyway, this rapid marriage to what has to be the smartest woman he’s ever dated and the most credentialed– and Clooney’s activism — led me to believe he might be getting ready to run for political office.  One always needs a suitable wife for that. Just ask former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Of course, some people just keep on keeping on after their scandals erupt. Kevin Costner, for example. He’s got a history of rub and tug accusations, and yet he still gets work and does a pretty good job with it. It’s not award-winning work, but still, he’s done a capable job on his outings and he’s remained married. Then again, his pretty wife may not want to leave the gravy train.

th-5And then there’s the case of John Travolta. Oh Johnny, just come out already. Don’t let the church whose name I dare not write keep you from being who you are. You’re older now, you’ve lost your hair–just be who you are. We’ll still love you, Johnny.

Poor, poor Tom Cruise.  OMG. Poor Tom Cruise.  That’s all I’ll say.

Now look, I know some of you are going to say “oh, you don’t know that for sure,  that is just gossip, I don’t believe it and you shouldn’t either and what business is it of ours…”  Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

My point is that while writers send their characters into outer space in more and more fantastical (and boring) story lines, they don’t need to.  They just need to look around them.

Because it’s likely that what’s going on in real life? That celebrity dirty laundry? Would be far more interesting to viewers than a First Lady eating chips on her dead son’s headstone.



41 comments on “Celebrity dirty laundry
  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    When I was younger, I used to be SO into celeb gossip. I got all the magazines and watched ET and Extra every night. Since kids, though, I have totally lost touch.

  2. Thanks for the catch up. I love Grey’s Anatomy! However I do agree enough with the Meredith and Derrick drama. I don’t know if I can watch it without Derrick. I don’t watch to much TV so I enjoyed hearing about all the dirty laundry. Thank you!

  3. Joan Stommen says:

    How refreshing….you’ve stated exactly what I’ve been thinking about these two shows….humorously and honestly! Neither one is as good as past seasons, and I wonder if writers are making it up as they go along? Or just burned out? Greys characters all seem stalled and Scandal has everyone/everything tied to an elusive
    secret society that is so last year. Awesome and gutsy writing, Carol! Hope Shonda reads it!

  4. Mary Burris says:

    GREAT post! I have a secret passion for celebrity dirty laundry. And I agree, this season of Scandal should have been over weeks ago, I’m starting to lose interest there.

  5. Yes, yes and yes and a big fat NO to Jeb Bush! I laughed all the way through this!

  6. Amy says:

    I’m with you! Sometimes life is stranger than fiction!

  7. Sara Brady says:

    So well said….I hadn’t heard all the “scandal” about the Scandal stars, but you’re right. I’m actually letting my subscription to People Magazine expire. I really can’t stand it anymore. LOL

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. When I can’t sleep at night I surf around celeb gossip sites reading all of the goods on everyone lol.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Since I don’t watch much TV, I can’t comment on the shows you reference. But the commentary on John, Tom and George had me laughing my head off! Thanks for the fun read with my morning tea!

  10. Tammy says:

    I only watch shows that are more interesting than real life. Probably why I watch so few of them. I agree….the writers need to step up their game. But what is this … a first lady eating chips on a head stone? Where is that remote?

  11. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I have to admit, TV helps me relax and chill at night. I do agree with you, some of the story lines start to get a little bit much…but I still watch them. I do grab those trash magazines when I fly. I call it airplane porn!

  12. I love your take Carol. I’ve been a Gray’s Anatomy fan from the start!

  13. This was great fun, Carol–better than caffeine for waking up.

  14. You’re so right. Let’s just call it like it is: Travolta is bisexual and Cruise has some pretty weird bedroom habits. As for Clooney, I think he’s truly in love and getting ready to run for office, Scandal is no longer believable, and Dempsey only plays one role- in everything he’s in- and Costner is NOT a very good actor. Did you see Robin Hood? Maybe we could tag team Shonda?

  15. Diane says:

    Totally agree. The writing on a show should definitely distract one from googling people and their lives during the broadcast. Whatever happened to, “Quiet! The show’s on! We might miss something!!”

  16. Lux Ganzon says:

    I absolutely agree. Things in real life are actually more dramatic and interesting than what we read or watch.

    I’d echo this: poor Tom Cruise. 🙂

  17. I am a firm believer that the first thing you hear when it comes to news or gossip is usually true. It is what comes out before the publicist’ get a chance to clean it up.
    As for TV, I am with you I wish it was more interesting than the gossip.
    What do you all think about Bruce, oh my…

  18. Janie Emaus says:

    LOL! You never fail to entertain me. Just what I needed, while I procrastinate over washing my kitchen floor.

  19. Britney says:

    I think this is true! There are some shows that get to a point where I’m done and don’t care anymore, mostly because they are trying to change things too much!

  20. Karen says:

    I suspect it is a mark of my terminal dorkiness that I didn’t know any of this, including the show plotlines. But I can agree that yes, in general, life can be much weirder than fiction. *coughReptilianSatanistNutbarscough*

  21. Your post indirectly answers why people love reality TV shows so much. They find interest in the general lives of Peeps. But let’s not forget that a lot of celebrity lives is sensationalized by the media, so it may not necessarily be the authority to represent their true living scenarios.

  22. Sheryl says:

    Sadly, I have my head buried in the sand and can’t figure out much of what you are so eloquently writing about! I gave up Grey’s Anatomy years ago because the story lines were way tired. Now I stay away from too much, apparently. I’ll have to catch up by reading People Magazine, I suppose…

  23. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I gave up on Grey’s years ago so I am out of the loop. I agree that writing can make or break a show. There are too many good shows out there to waste time with less than stellar ones.

  24. I am a Shonda Rhimes fan for sure, but this season of Thursday nights has really tired me. I try to stay on top of my favorite fans and their real life, but when the dirt is better than the show, well – that’s a sign you need to step it up. But I can’t imagine the pressure a writer like her is under since she’s already pushed the limits on TV so well and for so long.

  25. Ruth Curran says:

    You crack me up! Since I don’t watch much besides the Food Network and a few others, I was just as entertained by the parts where you got off topics as on! Thanks for filling me in and if there is ever a trivia competition I want you on my team to answer the pop culture questions!

  26. Carolann says:

    It’s funny, I’ve never been interested in celeb gossip. I could care less about their lives or what they do. On occasion, I do get a good chuckle out of some of the things I see in the headlines though. Oh and I love Tom Cruise. I think he is an amazing actor and I love everything he’s in!

  27. I need a month to just sit on my couch and catch up with all the TV I’ve behind on! I do stay up on my US Weekly regularly, though!

  28. I’ve never gotten into Scandal but love Grey’s. I think McDreamy’s been going back and forth on leaving the show for awhile now.

  29. I have really fallen out of celeb gossip. I don’t have quite the time I did when I was younger

  30. Stephanie says:

    I think I’m getting old. I don’t even know who most the big stars are these days, haha!

  31. Dana says:

    Always so good to get caught up. And so much easier when enjoying through your eyes…

  32. Nick says:

    Gays are more accepted now also in the entertainment industry and gay porn is better made than straight porn.

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