Champagne with dinner? Yes.

May 12, 2014

2237850475_2f745811b9When wine writer Natalie MacLean suggested that sparkling wine was entirely suitable to serve for dinner I was thrilled. And while I wouldn’t wait for permission to do anything, including serve a certain kind of beverage, it had never occurred to me.

I love me some Bubblie Brunettie, a relatively inexpensive (around $21 a bottle)  sparkler that is mostly Pinot Noir and deemed delicious by my guests any time I serve it.

It’s a Sonoma County Blanc du Noir that is 92% Pinot Noir, 8% Chardonnay with an alcohol content of 12.5%.  Here’s how the vintner describes it:

Brioche and hint of berry and bright citrus in the aromas. The fine mousse brings along these notes in the mouth. Lingering finish of citrus that begs for another taste.

Mousse refers to the air bubbles that gives sparkling wines and champagne their fizz.

Sounds like champagne is more than a special-occasion beverage. I love the idea of serving it with dinner. From what I’ve read, this kind of sparkling wine goes well with a wide range of main courses, including substantial chicken and fish dishes as well as tomato-based vegetarian entrees. Serving Brunettie with dinner would lend some fun and whimsy (and maybe even a smidge of decadence) to any dinner party. So if you’re coming to my house for dinner this year, expect some champers. Or rather, Bubblie Brunettie. (Champagne can only be called champagne if it’s made in that region of France.)

What’s your favorite champagne or sparkling wine? Have you served it with dinner?

th(No, no one paid or gave me anything for this post. I just LOVE this stuff!)

22 comments on “Champagne with dinner? Yes.
  1. Roz Warren says:

    Bubblie Brunetti. Sounds so delightful I’m tempted to have champagne for breakfast. 🙂

  2. wendy says:

    My friend refers to champagne, prosecco, any sparkling wine, as “Liquid Laughter”. Because he’s English, it comes out “lahftah”, which sounds even better.
    I’m a huge fan of sparkling wines, glad to see you are, too!

  3. Karen says:

    I adore a good bubbly, though I’m pretty picky. Will try the Brunetti. I also love a good Rose, including as a bubbly, and wonder if the Brunetti is like Gloris Ferrer’s Blanc de Noirs? When we lived in England, bubbly was frequently on the menu when we were invited to dinner and we became accustomed to and fond of drinking it with dinner.

  4. This sounds like something I need to try — both the sparkling wine and the having it with everyday dinner!

  5. Ha! I love your disclaimer that this is not sponsored. LOL I do the same thing when I write about something I like/enjoy. I guess we feel we need to b/c so many posts these days are sponsored.

    I LOVE sparkling wine and will absolutely have to try this one out. Sounds divine!

  6. Karen @BakingInATornado says:

    I love Prosecco. And since Hubs bought a bottle for me yesterday for Mother’s Day, I did have it with dinner. Grilled Portobello burgers, Greek Pasta Salad and Prosecco. Heaven!

  7. I like champagne, and it agrees with me far better than red wine does.

  8. Barb Best says:

    Love this suggestion for adding “fun and whimsy!” I’m eager to try Bubblie Brunettie.

  9. D. A. Wolf says:

    Oh, it’s been so long since I had champagne, other than a token glass at New Year’s. I don’t blame you for loving the stuff!

    Remember when people used to order a “champagne cocktail?” (Actually, I don’t remember, but I’ve seen it in 1960s movies!)

  10. Linda Roy says:

    Why, yes please! I’m about to have dinner. Why don’t I have a bottle of this around the house. Looks like I’m going to have to rectify the situation. Thanks for the recommendation and the info. Cheers!

  11. Jay Lickus says:


    I will be cold and dead before anyone will be able to pry my bottle of Cab out of my hand at dinner time.

  12. Great article Carol. I agree with you bubbles are the best and do go with everything. My favor ite surprise was the first time I had them with Sushi…Delici! Great story!

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