Chemo survival kit

August 18, 2017

Contents of large You’ve Got This gift package is a thoughtful chemo survival kit.

Try, if you can, to put yourself in the shoes of someone going through treatment. Hard to do, right? If you haven’t been through treatment or accompanied a loved one to an infusion center, for example, it might be hard to understand.

But here are a few true things: It can be a long day for many undergoing chemo. It’s helpful to have something distracting to do. It’s also helpful to do something that very well could help with side effects and symptoms. Among those side effects, skin and lips can dry out during chemo.

That’s why our “You’ve Got This!” gift packages make thoughtful chemo survival kits.(See my post on the actual meaning of “You’ve got this!”)  In fact, I’ve sent these packages myself, to those in treatment. You’ve probably wanted to do something for a friend who’s having treatment, but perhaps you didn’t know what would be helpful. Cancer patients who have them tell me the items in our chemo survival kit are helpful:

get-well-giftsThe luxury lip balm is super-emollient and significantly helps dry lips. I’ve given friends undergoing chemo treatment or radiation a nice, moisturizing lip balm similar to the one in our gift packages and they tell me it’s appreciated.

I’ve also given affirmation cards, to help patients engage the mind-body connection, banishing anxiety and worry and focusing on feelings of health and ease.  One friend chose one a day as a meditation mantra during chemo. There are 50 in the deck, so lots to choose from, all positive, all encouraging and supportive.

A long day means too much time to worry. The Guided Journal for Healing provides a positive alternative: a way to express emotions about their disease and treatment. Several fairly recent studies have shown that patients who wrote about their emotions had fewer symptoms and fewer cancer-related visits to the doctor.

We  know that stuffing those fears and emotions isn’t good for us. That’s why I developed this book of prompts. Patients can write, draw or even collage their feelings in response to the questions. There are also peaceful meditations and other simple activities in the journal to support those undergoing chemo.


This is what’s in the regular sized gift package, which makes a gentle chemo survival kit.

A positive outlook is a way to combat tension and anxiety. And what cancer patient wouldn’t feel anxiety? Our “You’ve got this!” stick is an encouraging mantra, a positive thought to look at every day.  The rose quartz healing stone can be used as a worry bead. And of course, the candle can’t be used in the treatment center but is a lovely symbol of your care and love for your friend or family member.

The large gift package is $34.99 with free shipping in the U,S. and discounted shipping to Canada. We’ll even give you the the opportunity to add your encouraging message to the gift card that comes with it.

The regular “You’ve Got This!” (or chemo survival gift)  package is $19.99 with the same shipping deal. It includes the Healing Affirmation Deck, the “You’ve Got This!” sticker and the heart shaped candle.  You can find them both under the Gifts tab at A Healing Spirit.

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24 comments on “Chemo survival kit
  1. This is wonderful. So many struggle with what to do or say when someone is going through cancer treatments. I will share this on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks, CArol

  2. shelley says:

    This is a wonderful idea!

  3. Catherine Sargent says:

    This is such a thoughtful gift idea. I will make sure that I check out your Facebook page.

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    This is such a lovely sounding little kit, it is hard to know what to buy someone when they are going through such a tough time.

  5. That is so wonderful! Chemo is so tough on the body AND the spirit. I think this would be great for helping keep hope alive.

  6. Meagan says:

    This is such a sweet gift. I hope to never need to give it under the circumstances but love that it is such a sweet idea.

  7. Going through this makes you want to believe you will get a positive outcome but you will always have doubts.This gift is something to help someone keep up their hopes.

  8. This is really a wonderful gift. I lost my grandfather to cancer and whenever he was going through any treatment we always “treated” him with something special just for him. Chemo can be tough on the spirit of the person, it’s always good for them to know they have support.

  9. Pam says:

    This is such a great gift for people undergoing chemo. Most of them really need a pick me up some days.

  10. This is a great gift. It is hard to know how to care for someone going through chemo

  11. What a beautiful kit. Perfect for people going through treatment.

  12. Oh this is such a lovely idea Carol. I wish I had one of these for my poor Mother when she had many rounds of chemo back in the 80s. You are doing such a wonderful thing here.

  13. Theresa says:

    These are all lovely suggestions. I would also like to suggest maybe also gifting a thick blanket. I have to get infusions every 8 weeks where I am isolated off with those undergoing chemo and we all get very cold during treatments. We are given heated blankets to use, but they are thin and they don’t stay warm long, so I always end up bringing a thick blanket with me too.

  14. Kelly Reci says:

    There are life struggles that are really hard to handle.So it is good for our mental and emotional health to learn how to withdraw the feelings that we can no longer handle. This is one good way for cancer patients.

  15. Sapana V says:

    Such a great gift. I wish I would know about it earlier as one of my friends was going through Chemo but he is not with us now.

  16. Wendy Polisi says:

    I love the journal idea. They say it always helps to calm the mind if you write down all the thoughts flying through it.

  17. Sheena Tatum says:

    What a lovely package. It’s so thoughtful to send something, even if it’s just a small gesture, to help them through such a difficult time.

  18. This is such a wonderful, heartfelt kit. It’s beautiful,too. Sometimes we want to help or send something that will bring a little smile in time of need, but are not sure what. Glad to know there are things out there we can seek out.

  19. GiGi Eats says:

    I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go through chemo or have a loved one go through it. I pray that all of my loved-ones don’t have to experience it (and that I don’t either at some point) but… This survival kit is so sweet and wonderful.

  20. Crystal says:

    What a lovely gift to someone you care for as they undergo chemo. The affirmation cards really set it apart from other gifts available to send.

  21. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These chemo survival kits are a beautiful idea.Journals are so important to have and can indeed help those going through traumatic experiences acknowledge their feelings. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas to make things easier to handle for those going through chemo.

  22. I can’t imagine how those feel who go through chemotherapy. This is definitely a wonderful gift idea.

  23. Our Family World says:

    I love the Healing Affirmation Kit. This would really be helpful for people not only those undergoing chemo but for others battling a chronic illness too. I will check out your Facebook page and look at other options. Wondering how much it would cost for International shipping?

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