Church scandal.

September 26, 2010

How long has it been since the latest church scandal? A month?

Any kind of church: Catholic. Fundamentalist Christian. Mormon. All of them.

The charges against “Bishop” Eddie Long of Atlanta are more in a long list of sins and abuses perpetrated against children and young people by those in charge of organized religion. By the most pious among us.

The hypocrisy sickens me. I’m tired of it.

In general, I’m no longer a believer in organized religion. It’s unnecessary. We don’t need a middleman to have a relationship with God.

It’s hard to escape that fact that so many pastors and priests are venal. Corrupt. Arrogant. I’ve seen too many use “God told me…” to justify the worst behaviors. Immature behavior.

But they stand in their pulpits every Sunday and tell the faithful what they should be doing. How they, too, can get their share of riches.

And not necessarily God’s riches. Ministers? I think not.

Power corrupts.

Prosperity gospel be damned: There’s no reason for religious people to live in mansions, drive expensive cars, wear costly jewelry or designer suits. There’s no reason for them to have personal bodyguards. Drivers. And private planes.

No reason. None whatsoever.

Money raised at church should be used for good works. One hundred percent of it. Not to expand personal power and obtain personal gain.

How many betrayals are necessary before churches empty out completely?

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