Ciao! from Italia

September 29, 2010

It was 17+ hours door-to-door, but it went by in a flash.

Onboard at SFO, our Air France pilot to Paris gave us the flight prognosis.

“I yam an optimeest by nature,” he said. Hmm. He went on:

“Zee Xray baggage screening equipment ees not working and wee weel be delayed….perhaps another 10 minutes.

“Eet weel be bumpy over the Atlantic Ocean, and zee wethair in Paris will be … not very nice…drizzle, overcast, fog.” Not very nice, indeed.

But his optimism worked: we were soon taxiing. During the safety demo, the purser amused himself by pulling on the life-vest tabs,then making whooshing noises and pantomiming that he was flying through the cabin. Maybe he was auditioning for a job with Southwest.

Thankfully, we were fed a delicious meal by a charming flight attendant, and then I read two books and actually got several hours of sleep. These look comfy, no? Fact is, they just do not fit my body. The seat bends and folds in places where I do not. I have yet to enjoy the comfort of premium seats because none of them feel good to me. (But they beat coach!) So glad I could catch some zzzs.

Our four-hour layover in Paris was bearable only because I actually dozed in my chair. (Who’d have thunk I could?) And read another book.

We took a small jet to Genoa. Our pilot described the weather there as “23 degrees Celsius and shiny.”

I think he meant sunshiny. But he said it a few times and it was charming.

Before we knew it, we were on the autostrada to Acqui Terme and then making our way up the gravel driveway to Baur B&B.

We were greeted by Max, the sweet household dog, and a lovely bedtime snack, thoughtfully provided by our hosts. Breadsticks, salame, garden-fresh tomatoes, cheese, zucchini carpaccio, fruit and cookies. Oh and wine, of course.

It was not only artfully presented, but hit the spot. Not too much, not too little.

I topped off my snack with a sweet, fragrant pear.
We had little trouble downloading these two photos. When my Mac went to the hospital, whatever those geniuses did deactivated my camera software. I downloaded it again and it doesn’t work exactly the same. But somehow, I’ll manage to get photos up.

Tomorrow is another day. Breakfast is on the terrace between 8:30am and 10am. The day will be ours. If we manage to sleep well, we’ll go exploring in town. Rain is forecast for Friday.

Where are we? We’re here and so should you be:

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