Connect with the clarity that comes from maturity — at any age

November 3, 2020

clarityWhen the veil that obscures our vision is removed, the perfect clarity that results is a beautiful thing. Oh, it may not be the most comfortable thing, but it clears the path for us to move forward.

The bumps and bruises that are a normal part of life chip away at the veil obscuring our vision, each pulling another piece of it away, until, finally, it’s completely gone and the path is clear.

Clarity is a gift. Yes, even when we don’t like what it’s showing us.

I was late to mature emotionally. Very late. I can guess the reasons why, but they really don’t matter. What matters is that now I can take those bumps and bruises with strength — and the veil pulls away more easily than it did when I was younger.

But you don’t have to be my age to get clarity. I know much younger people who get there faster.

Still, it’s not a race. It just is what it is. Each life is different: our challenges are different and our joys and sorrows are not the same. That doesn’t matter. What really matters?

What we do with those things.

We can rage against the unfairness. We can think we are inordinately lucky, blessed or enlightened. And maybe those things are true.

But what really matters is that we use what happens to get perfect clarity so that our next steps on the path of life are clear.

Interested in knowing what the purpose of this life might be? Consider a between-lives regression. Read all about regressions here.

5 comments on “Connect with the clarity that comes from maturity — at any age
  1. Diane says:

    I absolutely agree, Carol. It takes patience, but we can use our life experiences to give us a clear view of the path ahead! Very well said!

  2. There are positive experiences in life, and negative it’s the steps forward they both provide for us, if we take them, that matter.

  3. I think the nice thing about getting older is that things look clearer. I have a rock in my collection with the words “clear” painted on it. It helps.

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