September 16, 2009

I can not remember the last time I wore cocktail attire.

Years ago.

My life just hasn’t involved much cocktailing in recent years. I can’t say that it bothers me. Dinner at the coast (west, of course) in a pair of jeans, a turtleneck and a jacket is more my style. Or, on the warmer east coast, capris and a tunic. Flats.

M. and I plan to attend a dinner party in Miami in Oct. The invitiation says “cocktail attire,” and I guess I’m going to have to find me a cute cocktail dress.

Since I’m digging the Mad Men scene of late, it might be fun to find something 1960-esque and wear it with fun costume jewelry of the era, bright red lipstick and short red nails.

Oh, and my emergency beacon wedding/engagement ring.

Anyone can hit the department store and find a cocktail dress. They’re a dime a dozen.

Maybe I can find something vintage and really have some fun with it. Here’s a 60s confection I found online.

I’ve also seen a lot of “wiggle dresses” on the vintage couture websites. A “wiggle” dress has a tight, tapered skirt that doesn’t allow for normal-sized steps. So when you wear it, you wiggle. Marilyn Monroe or Joan from Mad Men and the “sexy secretary” scene. That voluptuous woman thing.

I’m probably 25 years (and the same amount of weight) from carrying that off. But it’s fun to think about.

If I don’t find something, I can go to the storage unit and get one of my raw silk suits out when I’m back from Italy.

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