Coffee. It’s good for us.

September 20, 2010

Yeah, ok, it’s Monday morning & I know what’s on your mind. Coffee.

There’s a study for every side of the debate, but the latest ones say that coffee’s good for us. That sounds right to me.

Brew it. Drink it.

And I don’t mean that vile
Starbucks Via instant coffee. I mean full-bodied, brewed coffee that drips or is pressed through some kind of filter. Preferably one that’s not bleached white.

Oh, and I found this on WebMD:

People who smoke and are heavy drinkers have less heart disease and liver damage when they regularly consume large amounts of coffee compared to those who don’t.

(I’m just sayin’.)

So take a few minutes to make and enjoy a cup or more of dark, aromatic coffee. It’s something we can do for our health that’s actually enjoyable.

3 comments on “Coffee. It’s good for us.
  1. Anonymous says:

    YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! I could NOT possibly imagine LIFE WITHOUT COFFEE…I would weep for days on end and throw myself on the floor into a fetal position for months! I have risked life and limb for a good gourmet cup of coffee.

    I went on vacation to Birmingham, Alabama some time ago and I was staying at a friend of mine’s home. I was totally unaware that my friend did NOT drink coffee, come to think of it I had only seen her drink tea! So after a long night of chatting and drinking wine (while we caught up on the gossip)I asked “where the coffee maker was” much to my chagrin she did not make coffee or have a coffee maker on the counter…I was mortified! My friend was able to find a dusty box holding one such machine known as a Mr. Coffee maker(this was more like Grandpa Coffee maker it was so old)she carefully opened the dusty, dingy box and it was full of tiny dried critters! I refused to clean it or use it. So I got up early the next day still feeling like a ton of bricks, got into her dilapidated car and I drove through the fog infested hills of Birmingham, Alabama without GPS or a map for a half an hour just to find a coffee shop in a Chi Chi neighborhood just so that I could have a gourmet cup of coffee! Sasquatch could have crossed the road in front of me while I was driving and I would run over his ass if he had gotten in my way! I was on the high way to hell with or without my coffee! I did this every morning for the week and a half I was there. I was not about to drink the diner swill at Billy and Harry Bob’s country diner…I already have chest hairs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another vacation destination was to Seattle and yet again I am visiting a non coffee drinker! The first thing us party girls did was to drop off our bags at our friends house and went to the bar to have some Cosmos! At around 2:30 am when the bar closed we went walking out onto the dark street and I asked her if she had any coffee! Yet again another shocker I have ANOTHER FRIEND who does not drink coffee or have a coffee maker OMG now I am really freaking out! Who can live in the heart to America’s coffee belt and not drink coffee!!!!!! I just could not believe that this was possible! So there we are at 2:30 am in the morning after the bar closes looking for a coffee machine, coffee press anything to make coffee with. Thank God this woman was not a drinker either so she could drive I was not in any shape with 3 hours jet lag, 2 Cosmos and having no idea where I was! We drove for quite sometime (I thought we were in Vancouver it took us so long)until we found a place that had coffee presses and gourmet coffee, cream and sugar to go! It was as if we had found the Land Of Oz.

    And finally I went to Cuba in 1998 to cover the visit of the Pope for our local news station. Since I was a working Journalist with a Visa I was able to buy rum, Cuban cigars and 5 pounds of ground Cuban coffee on my way out at the airport! Cuban coffee is some of the best coffee in the world. It is right up there with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee! A week after I returned to Tampa with my new prized possessions I was on my way to San Francisco for my own vacation. I decided to bring a pound of the CUBAN GOLD known as coffee with me! I carefully poured a pound of this rare treat into a zip lock to share with my friend Jimmy while I stayed in his home! (I was feeling like an old lady who brings her own tea bag to lunch and just asks for the hot water hahahahaha.) When I arrived in San Francisco and entered Jimmy’s home the very first thing I shared with him was a showing of my prized possesion in the zip lock! Jimmy looked at me as if I were crazy “we have very good coffee here in San Francisco” he chipped in and I retorted quite offended “oh yeah…but IS IT CUBAN??????????” So every morning I would get up and make a pot of the very rare and beautiful Cuban coffee and I would go back to bed(Jimmy was not up at 5 am San Fran time but I was since I was jet lagged). After falling back to sleep for an hour or two I would wake up and open the door just in time to see sneaky room mates scuttling down the hall like roaches trying to avoid me as the ran into their rooms with MY COFFEE IN THEIR MUGS! It felt like robbery to me. The room mates drank almost all of my Cuban gold every day. I never did catch them in the act. I was mortified…how could they just help themselves to this RARE coffee delicacy. I was truly fiendish and the room mates truly must have thought I was nutty!

    To tell you the truth I am glad to be alive just so that I can drink two hearty mugs of good robust coffee with real cream and sugar every day! Life is always good when there is coffee. 🙂


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