Cold weather, hot drinks

September 29, 2012
Today is National Coffee Day

 Here’s what that big, expensive coffee chain knows:  convenience is everything. If you put a store on every corner, people will develop habits and not even notice that they’re spending $30 or even $50 a week on specialty coffee drinks.

They also know that the American public likes a sweet, tasty drink, hot or iced. And for the past couple of years, they’ve been pushing their instant coffee option, the one that I think tastes like the worst of Sputnik-era instant coffee. It’s convenient, though, I’ll give them that.

It was with some trepidation, then, that I tasted a brand new instant offering by Nescafe last month. It’s called Memento and it quickly became a line on my shopping list.

The coffee is smooth, creamy, sweet and even froths on top, thanks to real non-fat milk infused with air. Nothing artificial about it: real coffee, real milk, real sugar. At 100 calories per cup, it satisfies a sweet tooth without making you too full. And I bought it for under 60 cents a drink. Compare THAT to the big chain specialty drinks.

Portable, too, as it comes in eight single serve packs per box.

Caramel Latte: just about replicates Starbucks Carmel Macchiato
Cappucino: just the right touch of sweetness–not too much as the others. My favorite.
Mocha: the name says it all. My second favorite.

After sampling the packets Nescafe sent me to try at home, I realized that it was the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth without doing too much damage. And with colder weather coming, a good hot drink and a book is sometimes just what we need. I even slipped a few packets into my schoolbag for those long days and –starting in just a few weeks–nights of teaching. A cafe drink without having to zoom off campus is just the thing.

Where can you find it?  My Safeway hid the display case so well I had to search hard to find it to buy some. Just enter your zip code HERE to find a store that carries Memento.

You’ll get this box of Mocha if you win.

But even better: want a box of your own? Just comment on your favorite thing about autumn. I’ll be drawing one name and giving away a box of Nescafe Memento Mocha.  This could be you:

Comment below or on Facebook for a chance at a free box of Nescafe Memento. Just tell us your favorite thing about autumn. I can’t wait to hear!

Oh, and PS, an interactive Facebook app to tell you about, sponsored by Nescafe Memento:

The Dr. Is In! Office Star Ellie Kemper Dishes Advice In New Facebook App
As NBC’s The Office enters its 9th and final season, you can still catch your favorite receptionist online thanks to Nescafé Memento.  The new line of gourmet, instant foaming café beverages, is proud to debut its new interactive Facebook application starring Ellie Kemper.  With this newly released app, the lovable actress can now add “Life Coach” to her resume.  Yes, dreams really do come true.  What is a Life Coach?  Well, Ellie believes it’s divine intervention in your case.  She will let you know exactly what she thinks of you and offer “professional” advice on love, career and much more to help make your life instantly better! The app features a series of videos where the newly minted celebrity coach interacts with fans by utilizing a quick questionnaire, coupled with info from their own Facebook profiles.  Ellie bombards fans with customized messages containing unique, funny and sometimes awkward advice that may be hard to hear!  Of course she brings that same sense of quirky and often snarky humor with her too, as she dives into her role and into fans’ personal lives.  Help her help you. 
Need advice or want to learn more? Prepare yourself and visit Ellie on the Nescafé USA Facebook page, where she’s working her magic:  
If you don’t have time for an entire session, check out her 7 Ways to Make Your Life Instantly Better:
One comment on “Cold weather, hot drinks
  1. Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing of the weather,,, there is a crispness in the air. Then there are the colors of the leaves and the Halloween decorations that someone mysteriously places on the street light globes on my street.

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