Comin’ home

June 19, 2010

We’ve had a fantabulous time on this trip, yet another milestone in our life, which is one ongoing honeymoon.

But M has started humming the theme tune he wrote for Riley (yes, he wrote Riley’s Theme…we think Riley should be a cartoon character) and when I hear the theme, I know that even M. misses our little man. I surely do.

And Little He (now renamed “George” by our petsitters) and Tinker.

We’ve got full suitcases, but more than that, we carry home with us so many wonderful memories of the things we’ve seen and done.

I never imagined I’d have a hawk land on my hand, and one did.

I didn’t expect Dublin to be a place we’d like to live for a piece.

I had no idea that the Scottish highlands were so breathtakingly stunning.

And to see an Oscar Wilde play in Dublin, to walk the historic streets of Edinburgh, to hear bagpipes and drink pints in pubs–it’s been wonderful and just thinking that we’re leaving brings tears to my eyes.

Yet, there’s one thing at home I miss, and that’s the greeting from my little man after I’ve been gone, even if it’s just to the store. I can’t wait to get doggie kisses and to play fetch and get some of that doggie love I’ve missed so much.

Farewell to the British isles and one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

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