Are all true companion animals four-footed?

February 28, 2016

Riley’s favorite petsitter gave me a journal with this cover.

I loved this when I got it, but it started me thinking about why companion animals are always implicitly defined as four-legged. Of course, that begs the question of the many three-legged dogs and cats I have known.

It does not beg the question of whether humans are better companions than pets. That answer is sooo clear.

But it did make me wonder if anyone had companion animals with two feet. Like maybe a bird?

If your companion animal has two feet, I’d like to hear about how they provide companionship to you. Because I’ll bet they do.


One comment on “Are all true companion animals four-footed?
  1. Anna Palmer says:

    Or zero feet…like a snake? This thought does not comfort me. Nor does the 8 footed spider companion but I’m sure someone loves them.

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