March 30, 2017

compassionlessCompassion: the wish to see others
free from suffering.

Say what you will about politics. The thing that has me completely flummoxed is how many Americans are completely compassionless.

How can this be true? I ask myself.

But the support for pulling back on our most compassionate social service programs makes it undeniable

The idea that Meals on Wheels is ineffective?

The complete lack of understanding and compassion for trans people? Bathrooms, for God’s sake. Bathrooms.

The idea that it’s ok to not take care of poor people?

Where did this heartlessness come from?

Has it always been there? I ask myself, and the answer is it must have been.

Lurking below the surface is some of the darkest stuff of humanity, and. it’s been given light and legitimacy by that awful man.

It’s sickening.

For me, this is the biggest shock. That a huge percentage of our population is completely compassionless. That they feel no obligation to help those who need it.

I know someone who has always feared that the Lord of the Flies mentality would prevail. They always saw it lurking below the surface, below that veneer of civility.  I have to admit I thought that was crazy talk.

But I don’t think that any more.






35 comments on “Compassionless
  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    There is far from enough compassion in this world. Some people seem to have none at all.

  2. Raine C.S. says:

    This post seems extremely appropriate given some of the things occurring politically in the world today (not naming any names here!!). You’re right, we are becoming a very compassionate-less society in many ways. People are intolerant and can be downright nasty and rude. I blame the ability to hide behind a computer screen for that. It’s easy to hurl an insult at someone when you don’t have to look them in the eye to do it. HOWEVER I have also seen some of the best examples of humanity too. In my experience (which I won’t get into here, just to say that I have a terminal illness), I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of kindness that I didn’t ever know possible. I have a community and a support system of virtual strangers who have rallied around me in dark times. I can’t offer them anything back, but they continue to support me regardless. It’s moments like these where I see glimmers of hope that this world isn’t doomed. We’re just bent a little bit at times and could use a good polishing, but I don’t believe that all hope is eternally gone. Chin up, I believe at some point in our lives we all are (or will be) touched by kindness. Just remember that and continue to do your part to contribute to it. That’s the only way that real change will happen. 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    I often wonder, how do these people sleep at night? Soulless, heartless people have shown their true colors lately. We won’t forget who they are. And, I include their enablers who have knowingly unleashed this upon us and, also upon themselves.

  4. Ruth says:

    I am not American, but I genuinely fear for the future of your country. There’s a whole generation that will spend their lives fixing the mess of a few…

  5. hillsmom says:

    Of course “Meals on Wheels” is ineffective. You must see that it does nothing to line the pockets of certain politicians. Yes, let older or disabled persons starve to death, and no need to give school children a real breakfast or lunch…their brains don’t matter either.

    (The above statements are pure snark…just so you know.)

  6. Amber Myers says:

    I do wish there were more compassion in the world. And kindness.

  7. You’re right. Compassion is lacking, as is understanding, willingness to compromise, and the ability to work kindly together without resorting to pettiness – on BOTH sides. We’re human, we all have that in us – and all we can do is give back in the best way that we can, individually. I wish there were more charity in humanity, too – but there isn’t and I can’t force other people to be kind or to be charitable. I can’t force insurance companies to care that my mother is DYING without proper care because of the red tape the doctors are all strangling under, I can’t force them to pay for the medications that keep her alive, that used to be covered but aren’t anymore. I can’t force DHS to give her more than $17 in food stamps, to go along with her barely-$1100 disability check (she has CHF, COPD, and about six other serious diagnoses) that’s eaten up now in co-pays that didn’t used to be a problem.

    I can’t force compassion any more than you can. So just like anyone else, I do my part – however small the scale might be. And that’s all anyone can expect.

  8. Beth Havey says:

    Carol, You opened a vein and people responded. That’s a good sign. I am on your side. My husband worries about my health!! because what is happening now in our country upsets me so much. Elmo, Meals on Wheels, promising jobs to an industry that is dying; wanting to take healthcare from 24 million people–so you can line your own pockets and those of your cronies. Our founding fathers had a dream. And it wasn’t for golfing and big houses. It was for freedom to work, to pray, to have a family, to get rid of THE KING. Well, he’s back and enjoying every minute. Let’s just hope down the road we can LOCK HIM UP.

  9. Carol, I read an article from Times Magazine about the social programs that might be cut. It turns out that ALL of those programs would cost us about $22 a year. WOW! Here is the link:


  10. this is exactly why our church helps out in the community and anyone we can. It breaks our hearts to see broken people and hurting lives.

  11. Having universal compassion for every single living thing, well, that gift is rare. Agreeing where to draw the line of who is deserving of compassion, and what compassion means in each situation, that’s the tough part. Unfortunately those in power right now are drawing the line far from where many of us feel fair. In fact, it seems downright cruel and criminal. Decisions being made by the very very privileged who have probably never needed to be on the receiving edge of much compassion…

  12. We really hope Meals on Wheels and other similar programs survive. We volunteered with them for years and know first hand how effective it is.We definitely need both more compassion and more reason.

  13. Rosey says:

    It’s always shocking to me when I see a blatant lack of compassion. Unfortunately I have seen it more times than I wish were true.

  14. Donna says:

    We don’t let anyone go hungry that we know of and give to organizations that feed folks we don’t know of. Compassion is alive and well in our part of the world, but admitting that is not what we are supposed to do. We give in private…

  15. Kelly Reci says:

    i wish every human being would give compassion to the world! who doest want world peace? this article is very meaningful!

  16. I am so appalled by our “leaders.” Who raised these compassionless people? And why did anyone vote for them?

  17. Karla kuhnley says:

    I’m doing what I can to help others, I hope in some small way it helps. Having always been a rebel, if the road goes one way, I go the other – the lack of compassion and empathy we are seeing around us makes me only want to do more.

    I do like to talk about what I do when I do it, as I hope someone will see it and think, “Hey, I can do that, too”. I don’t publicize to hear accolades, it is from the heart when I say that I always receive back more than what I give. I publicize to try and give someone else that push they need to do the same.

  18. Sharon Wu says:

    compassion is so important! love this post babe xo, sharon

  19. Sad. It does seem that way at times especially if I listen to all the voices of the media and social media.

    I know as a sensitive person or even as a compassionate person the stark contrast between someone who gives a damn and someone who is only out for themselves is depressing.

    I’ve met many people who care and I’ve seen people care. Even with all the chaos in this world right now, I still see it every day.

    It is this that gives me hope. AND I even have hope for those who don’t care at this moment because I believe everyone can change.

    Yes, the Lord of the Flies is an accurate depiction (not of our current situation) but something that lives in all humans when faced with hopelessness and survival.

    #Compassion #Hope on social media and you’ll see those who are actually putting out positive energy in the world. (hope this helps relieve a little bit of the disappointment in humanity)

  20. It’s sad and scary, this lack of compassion in our modern society.We need a bit more kindness in this world. 🙁

  21. Pat says:

    Well said Cassandra. And our leaders are setting the worst examples of all. In education I have often noticed that though it may be difficult to teach empathy, we have to try. It is a cold, cruel world without compassion.

  22. Diane says:

    This is exactly what I am feeling! I was visiting with a woman I’ve know for over 20 years and when she told me she was a Trump supporter, I suddenly thought to myself-I now know what you have been thinking in the depths of your heart. It was a total shock. The doors have been opened and some will never get their inner tendencies stuffed back inside. It’s a tragedy.

    • Diane says:

      Still on holiday! Enjoying myself and finally have a hotel with a wifi connection. So nice to be able to read some ‘Carol’ again!

  23. What a lovely reflection of the times that have passed. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who still genuinely care about others.

  24. Agree. For many, it’s hard to see another point of view, let alone appreciate a different way of life.SO many of us take it personally if others don’t think like us. Well said!

  25. It is sad to see how much compassion is lacked in todays society. People have become very greedy. More, more, more. Such a shame.

  26. jen says:

    I totally agree with you, it’s like everyone has lost their mind as well as their compassion.Lets hope things will change somehow for the better

  27. Glenda says:

    I was shocked myself, Carol! I cannot believe there are so many Americans who are completely compassionless. They seem not to care because it does not affect them and their families. It doesn’t affect me either but I still care and want to help the human race and our planet!

  28. Sounds a bit doom and gloom. Maybe you need to pick who you surround yourself with more carefully.

  29. Ellie says:

    We definitely need more kindness and basic Human compassion in this world. It’s severely lacking. When kids would rather film someone in distress to post online for likes rather than help that person then something is very wrong.

  30. Ashlea says:

    It does seem with our new administration that it is showing everyones true character. The things you have found out from family, friends, and neighbors is quite astonishing.

  31. blair villanueva says:

    Compassion sometimes comes innate of yourself, it comes naturally and that is the product of upbringing. Showing and giving compassion without asking in return (or even think of it) is better. It will follows the good karma that you would never expected.

  32. stacey says:

    So true. I say that about my Christian friends who seem to think this is ok. I am so over the excuse that we should be budget conscious when it concerns our people who need our support in lieu of the military (and I am a military spouse) that we no longer need or want. I am beginning to wonder if the words compassionate conservative are just oxymorons.

  33. Bel says:

    Only heaven knows where all our humanity has gone to but I still have faith that little by little, we’ll become the compassionate humans we’re meant to be.

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