Competence & Anticipation

June 21, 2009

As we sat in the airport the other day, His Nibs (FLH) got another in what has been a string of client and colleague correspondence in which he is depicted as the demi-God of banking law.

Ok, maybe not that extreme.

But the last email called him “the best in the business.”

No surprise to me. He’s always been waaay smart and hugely competent. At whatever he undertakes.

I like competence in anyone and I LOVE that about him.

When I listen to him talk to clients, it’s hard to fathom that he wants to retire. But he has been extremely consistent –and insistent — that he is through with the full-time practice of law.

I think that’s true. He’s worked very hard, but I notice that it’s been on his terms. He understands the concept of balance very well.

His daily NYTimes crossword puzzle and his devotion to CNBC and economic news will provide intellectual stimulation (and aggravation). However, he is a very social guy and is going to need an outlet for that.

I’m trying to imagine our life together in this new millenium. When last we were married, our circumstances were completely different. We both went to school and work. Then full-time work.

I like to joke that we missed those “messy middle years.”

But being home and retired together is going to be both fun and interesting.

We are in the countdown to the marriage….less than a month now.

I can’t wait.

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