What comes next?

June 29, 2014

So what comes to mind when you see this sign?





Don’t think about it. Just go down to the comments and write down the very first thing that came to mind.

Inquiring minds want to know.

18 comments on “What comes next?
  1. Closed, as in emotionally shut down- resistant, unavailable

  2. I thought where is the rest, whats next. The word needs another word.

  3. the door. (I’m very literal).

  4. penpen says:

    not just closed but shut down. out of business. out of reach

  5. I thought it meant shut down as well. Closed out of business.

  6. I was assuming it meant closed – where was it taken?

    But honestly? My word?

    UP! 😉

    Otherwise I use: Shut the front door!

  7. wendy says:

    “Up”. That’s what comes to my mind, I’m afraid. I guess I’m a cranky sort of person!

  8. Nancy Wolf says:

    Store closed and mind shut!

  9. Lynne says:

    I was looking for “up,” however, “shut” is in a nice font, so then I wondered what is this about, and then I was confused. I think I need a nap, then some coffee! Over-thinking again 😉

  10. In my life it would mean “Shut the door. You’re letting the air conditioning out, you idiot”.

  11. Lana says:

    I think someone’s trying to be creative (or cute?) and use the word Shut instead of Closed.

  12. Jay Lickus says:

    This shop is owned by a foreigner?

  13. Haralee says:

    Closed by nonAmericans

  14. Melinda says:

    I’m not getting in there 🙁 They’s shut. They like to do things differently there, either unique, creative or uppity, no simple Closed sign for them. Ha! They want to be fancy or foreign of something.

  15. Kimba says:

    Shut down. But, I reside in the DC area, so we’re a bit preoccupied with shut downs – as in government shut downs – here! 😉

  16. Kathy says:

    My immediate image was a door shut with a closed sign

  17. mellie says:

    “Shut my mouth and call me Sally!” Can you tell I talk a lot? lol

  18. Suzy says:

    Closed is the word that came to mind. Thanks for dropping by my post.

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