Conversation with Trainer

March 10, 2009

Him: What do you feel like today.
Me: Upper body. But I’m tired.
Him: Why are you tired?
Me: I don’t know
Him: How’s your water? Sometimes dehyrdation makes you feel fatigued.
Me: bingo! I’m light on water today. Way light.

At weight machines:

Me: You’re killin me
Him: I need three more.
Me: Oh my God, it hurts.
Him: Work till failure, I’ll take what you can give me.
Me: I know what I’d like to give you–you’re killin me.

Him: How’s your nutrition?
Me: Bless me father, for I have sinned.
Him: Sugar?
Me: Chocolate cake.
Him: How was it?
Me: Really good. And it wasn’t a small piece either.
Plus tonight I’m eating pasta. My brother’s in town.
But tomorrow…
Him: …get back on it.

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