Coping with grief and loss

February 16, 2022

coping-with-griefShe held her grief behind her eyes like an ocean
& when she leaned forward into the day
it spilled onto the floor
& she wiped at it quickly with her foot
& pretended no one had seen.
~Kai Skye / Storypeople/

I know this feeling. I work in grief and yet, I know this feeling. I don’t like to talk about it, though. No posts about how much I miss my soulmate dog. Not very much sharing of the many vivid memories I have of my dear friend, Marilyn, and how often they come up. I don’t often celebrate the would-be birthdays of my late parents or anyone else on social media.

I’m not any different than anyone else when it comes to coping with grief and loss. Except that you’re unlikely to see me share that on social media or anywhere else. Not usually. For me the sharing is excruciating. It reminds me that I can do nothing about their death.

I used to think my force of will could make anything happen. But it can’t bring them back to life.

Some loss is very hard to manage. It lurks and lingers.

We’re expected to go on with life, and yes, we must. But there’s that feeling again.

It never leaves us.

I’ll just get to the point.

Many say that our Guided Journal through Grief and Grief Affirmations have helped them immeasurably . They’ve helped me.

I wanted to remind you that they are also thoughtful, beautiful condolence gifts.  Do you really want to send a wreath? Or any of the standard condolence gifts? Why not send something that can actually help? Softly. Supportively.

Through a series of gentle prompts and exercises, the Guided Journal helps us release the emotion around our loss. All those things we wish we’d said. All those hopes and dreams we had for them.

The deck of 50 affirmations gives us perspective on those feelings. How do we look at the great loss we’ve experienced and our deep grief?

You can learn more and find them all in my Etsy shop:


11 comments on “Coping with grief and loss
  1. Beth Havey says:

    Carol, some people understand how to deal with grief and loss, how to help others when they are suffering. You are a gift, you are one of those people.

  2. Grief can be overwhelming to some. I’m positive these will help.

  3. Diane says:

    The greater your love, the greater your grief. And the greater your need. Thank you for being the answer to that need!

  4. Laurie Stone says:

    Such a wonderful idea. Getting all those raw emotions out on paper can be so helpful.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Grief is complicated.

  6. I don’t post about losing people on social media unless they need to know for some reason like a memorial. I am not looking for sympathy or that kind of attention online. We all have our ways of coping. So far, I’ve managed to get through it pretty well.

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