The cost of love

February 21, 2016

Taj Lake Palace in India, 2013, photo by Carol Cassara



4 comments on “The cost of love
  1. hillsmom says:

    Do you really agree with this? Why grief? Is it because you think the loved one has passed on too soon? ” Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” Tennyson. There are many kinds of love…(sorry to be trite) Yes, this is something to think about, I don’t particularly like the premiss.

    • I completely agree with this, yes. When we love, and someone or a beloved pet leaves us, the grief we feel at missing them is a measure of our love. We can not grieve what we do not love. Even if we believe they have gone to a better place, we miss their daily presence in our lives.

  2. Donna says:

    For me grief is a process we must go through to comprehend what has occurred. Sometimes grief teaches us, sometimes it reminds us, but it is there when we have loved someone deeply, surely and well. This year 4 of my friends lost sons. It is so incredibly painful to think of my friends losing a child…..but all four told me of tender mercies that allowed them to not only survive but to flourish. They still grieve, but their faith has given them hope. They tell me it sucks, and some days it less tolerable than others but they blame no one and are closer to God than before. God does not take our children, things happen in this fallen world, but He is certainly there to help us through whatever we encounter. But yes, grief is a price we experience when we love someone, if we didn’t love someone and they died we wouldn’t grieve.

  3. I agree with you! Donna, I am also supporting a girlfriend whose son took his life and 3/7/16 is the one year anniversary…They have clung to their faith, as well, and their friends, family and faith have certainly held them up in the past year since this tragic loss.
    In addition, in April 2007, 6 months after my Mother’s brief cancer and passing, I was hiking alone in the woods with my dogs and crying, still with grief…It hit me (in a good way), that the reason that I was still grieving like this 6 months later was because my Mama and I had truly loved. From that point going forward, I realized that this kind of grief was a gift, as not all humans have that kind of love with their mother. Thanks, Carol, you are always good about getting us to think and ponder things.

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