Crafting with cat hair

January 3, 2013
I knew there was something you could do with cat hair.
And if you check Crafting with Cat Hair reviews on
Amazon, you’ll see that people actually think
this is a fun idea.


I miss having cats, 
but I don’t miss being buried in cat hair.
Which is the case when you have several long-haired kitties.
Still, there’s something…distasteful….about this idea.
So, seriously, would you craft with cat hair?
Besides crafting, are there any other uses for cat hair?
9 comments on “Crafting with cat hair
  1. Anonymous says:

    makes me nauseated. ugh.

  2. I am a cat hater.. Now I wouldn’t run one over in the street but i would never have one either. Crafting with cat hair would be one of the activity rooms in HELL IMO.

  3. LOL “one of the activity rooms in hell” Oh, I do love this, Chief Blonde! Beth, agree!

  4. Haralee says:

    I love my 2 cats but I don’t look at them for a craft source of material. My neighbor did ask me for some cat hair last spring for her bird feeder so the birds would use it for making nests. It worked!

  5. Grace Hodgin says:

    I don’t even want to craft with my own hair let alone a cats but to be honest with you Namgay, the talented artist from Bhutan has been known to make paint brushes with hairs from their family cat.

  6. Well, my hat is off to anyone who has the patience to make their own paintbrushes out of anything, much less cat hair! I hadn’t realized so many uses for the darn stuff.

  7. Ellen Dolgen says:

    It does seem as you really need a LOT of patience to do this, but a cool idea either way :>)

  8. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    I don’t have a cat and I’m not crafty, but even if I was, I could not see using cat hair for anything.

  9. Elle says:

    Well it doesn’t seem that different from using any other animal product…goat hair makes some nice yarn…and I expect cat hair could too if you wanted to spin it.

    So many people have allergies though…it would need to be washed really well before using.

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