Crafty readers: I need help!

January 6, 2016

Crafty and creative readers, I need your help.

I have a good bit of leftover raw silk. Yes, what you see in the image below. I needed to buy that beautiful silk in two colors to cover the mat for a huge wall hanging I got in India. Because otherwise, the seams in the mat would show.

craftyBut the silk. It wasn’t cheap and I would love to do something with what remains.

It’s not really enough for a blouse or skirt.

I have enough table runners or covers, so not a table cover.

I probably have enough throw pillows, too, although I did think of that.

It’s raw silk, and I don’t have a  super-formal house.

I do not sew clothes or have a sewing machine. I can hand stitch a bit, as in making catnip toys and the like, but don’t ask me to make something someone actually has to wear, especially if it requires machine or even super-neat stitching.

I wish I were, but I am not inherently crafty. I don’t see a toilet paper roll and instantly think of covering it with yarn and making a spoon holder out of it.

But I do see that beautiful raw silk and think, I’d really like to do something with it. Or have someone else do something with it.

So, if YOU are a crafty person and can give me some ideas? I would be forever in your debt.  If it’s a cool enough idea and I can’t do it, I might engage someone else to do it. But all the better if I can hand-stitch, hot glue or wrap it myself.


Thank you.

22 comments on “Crafty readers: I need help!
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    I can’t see what it looks like in length but you can hem the ends and wear it as a shawl over your shoulders, or as a scarf; or lay it over the back or a chair, as I did with some of the fabric I brought home from India that I never did wear as scarves–it adds color to a room. slip over the arm of a wing chair, folded just so, or over the side of a club chair–catty- corner on one side. Both beautiful colors BTW with your hair and skin–I’de wrap it under a coat as an accent if you can.

  2. Michelle R says:

    My first thought was scarf — an infinity scarf could be easy. And then I noticed your pic on this page and thought any scrap might make a nice hat band (or 2 – one in each color). Maybe a mantle scarf? Or place-mats for that fabulous kitchen? Another thought on scraps – if you have strips, put them around a grapevine wreath for indoor or outdoor use. You could also make a lovely memo board, with criss-cross ribbon. I’ve also played with fabric as wall hanging, where you fasten each end to a dowel or rod. You could also drape it over a lamp for that hippie vibe ;o) If you did a runner, beading on the ends would be nice with the silk.

  3. Carla says:

    Absolutely positively no one would referred to me as crafty but I’m also a big big user and believer in the hot glue gun for all things!!!!

  4. Depending on how much fabric you have left, you could make a keepsake using the remains. My mom makes “quilted” ornaments that are fabric scraps pinned artfully around a styrofoam ball. I found this blog that might help explain. ( Would make a great Christmas ornament or keepsake.

  5. Barbara says:

    I can see it, with other fabric scraps you could find at a fabric store, in a fabulous collage! I make collages with handmade papers, but I don’t make the papers I buy them. This gorgeous silk as part of a collage in a shadow box frame would be gorgeous.

  6. Barbara says:

    I used gorgeous twice in one sentence. HA!

  7. Alanna B says:

    I am not a crafty person by any means, but I do agree with another commenter to use it as a scarf (if their is enough material). I have many non-sewn scarves that were simply cut from strips of fabric. I do not know much about silk…but maybe you could cut some fringe on the bottom and tie knots in each piece?

    Or perhaps you know someone who would be willing to sew some cloth napkins out of it or something?

  8. Nicole says:

    Maybe a headband? Silk is a little tricky and I have to usually cover the bottom with hairspray to keep them in my hair.

  9. adela says:

    What good ideas everyone has. Just a little hemming and you can tie a bit as a hatband. I did that with a pretty handkerchief once, and never used the handkerchief for anything else again. (Loved One is the only one I know who still uses handkerchiefs.) Definitely an infinity scarf. Just tie the ends together and wrap around. Blue is gorgeous on you.

  10. Tara says:

    I didn’t read previous suggestions cause I’m in the middle of procrastinating on something else – what about lining the inside of something like sturdy box, bin, glass or porcelain bowls etc. to hold jewelry on your dresser or trinkets elsewhere? or wrap a “seen better days” container or vessel and hot glue around outside to upcycle? also can wrap frames for photos if goes with your décor? there are button kits I believe at JoAnn’s/Michaels that you can cut a circle out of the silk and turn into buttons – maybe replace buttons on a sweater/coat etc. with them? ooo now I need to find my fabric stash 😉 good luck!

  11. Felicia says:

    Small thrown pillows for the bedroom. Or two small framed wall hangings.

  12. Beth Havey says:

    You will come up with something wonderful. I used to sew and a pillow would be about all I could manage. Maybe you have enough for a table runner, not for dining, but for display. Let us know what you end of doing.

  13. Like you, I’d be stuck with an idea to use up such a beautiful piece of fabric. I like the idea someone else suggested of making a scarf? It would be very pretty and makes me think of Spring (desperately). LOL

  14. andrea says:

    I’m in the same position as you. I just got a new sewing machine and want to learn to be more crafty and natural this year…. 🙂

  15. PatU says:

    How much fabric do you have?

    If you cut two lengths that can be hand sewn together with little stitches, you may have a length long enough for a wrap.

    With the unfinished ends and sides, you can take a pin and pick off the threads, making fringe. I hope I explained that well enough. By the time it really unravels, you’ll be tired of it anyway! 😉

    A glue gun will only work if the glued area will not be see

  16. That fabric is gorgeous. I’m not crafty enough to guide you but I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  17. paula schuck says:

    I vote for hat band or scarf. You could even turn it into a fancy pretty wreath for on your door if you really wanted to be clever. That colour is lovely. You know what else would be lovely? Turning this into a wrap of sorts for your chairs if you have hard back dining room chairs. Then tie into a bow at the back. It would give them some swag.

  18. Willow says:

    You could use it for chair cushions or a wall hanging. I would read up on how to batik, because I think that would look beautiful!

  19. Michelle T says:

    How about placemats for your kitchen table? That’s what I would do.

  20. I also thought of a scarf. I think it’s a great idea.

  21. pia says:

    No suggestions but the fabric, oh my, so beautiful.
    I had a shirt and skirt in the beigy raw silk in the 1980’s (can’t remember if the shoulder pads were large or not) and this brought me back to a photo of my parents last large Seder. Must find picture.

  22. Sarit says:

    A scarf is a good idea. Love it.

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