Crazy quilt network of friends

May 10, 2011
If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a crazy-quilt network
of friends and loved ones.

What’s a crazy quilt?
It’s made up of irregular pieces of fabric.
They don’t match.

For me, different political views, religious beliefs, social styles and personalities
are part of having a rich fabric of friends.
After all, if our friends were all like us,
we’d never be exposed to the parts of life
that are different from our own.

That might be okay for some people, but for me,
well, I think life would be pretty dull.
Those differences can make for a lively friendship.

Misunderstandings and even disagreements
are inevitable if your network of friends is diverse.

We have to work a little harder at communicating.
We’ve got to listen more closely to be sure
we’re hearing what’s intended and not what we expect to hear.

In true friendship, we approach our loved ones with open,
receiving arms, even when we disagree
with their actions or position on an issue.

No real communication can take place if arms are folded.
against an approach.

But open arms?
They mark the start of a hug.
And everyone loves hugs.

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