Crazy world II

December 18, 2009

One minute, we’re congratulating ourselves about how far we’ve come that we can elect someone like Obama. The next we’re reminded of how far we’ve sunk when we see the brain trust of the right wing, Sarah Palin, wearing a campaign hat with McCain’s name crossed out, and her husband wearing an America Love it or Leave it shirt. Class acts, those.

One minute, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer is a “tireless advocate for women’s rights.” The next he’s calling a flight attendant bitch for asking him to turn off his cellphone for take-off. I guess it’s different when we are talking to actual women and not about theory. And senators are so “special” they don’t have to turn off their phones like mere mortals do.

One minute Walter Cronkite is offering his avuncular, objective version of the news. The next, the airwaves have become a bully pulpit for nasty, sneering crazies like Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly and Jane Velez.

Craziness. Utter craziness.

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