If you’re a creative who isn’t creating….

January 13, 2020

creatingIf you feel guilty because you’re a writer who isn’t writing, an artist who isn’t making art–let it go.

You are creating the time and space that will spark ideas and inspire new directions. You’re “gathering data.”

Our traditional work ethic says we have to be “doing something” every minute or we’re not being “productive.”

I see it differently.

Creatives are inspired by the world and their interaction with the world provides fodder for what they write, draw or paint. Time away from the keyboard or canvas is what makes our creations so resonant and relatable.

Look into the mind of an artist or writer who is “doing nothing” and you’ll see creativity going on. Yes, even when it looks like nothing is happening.

Time and space feed creativity. That’s why I don’t like the term “writer’s block.” Time away is valuable regeneration time.

So don’t feel guilty.  Experiencing, living and thinking really are doing something, important “somethings” that will make your work even better.

4 comments on “If you’re a creative who isn’t creating….
  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Carol. I needed this today. I’ve been trying to rework my memoir, sort of. In my head, anyway. It will start with my next blog post. I haven’t posted on my blog for months. Mostly because of finishing my memoir. Now I’m ready to connect the blog with the book.
    Thanks! b

  2. Lorda mercy! I have beaten myself up for leaving my manuscript sitting on the floor for two months. Thank you!

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