Creative Christmas wrapping

December 2, 2011

Now that you’ve evaded the trampling crowds on Black Friday, it’s time to turn your attention toward wrapping all the great deals you scored.

As much as this writer hates to admit it, on the subject of wrapping, a picture’s worth a thousand words. So sit back and be prepared to be inspired to make your very own creative packages this year.

Candy as part of the package wrapping.
Thing is, you just shouldn’t eat it after.

Dishtowels & cloth napkins make creative
and ecologically friendly gift wrap–as
well as useful gifts.

I love this wrap. I just do. I know it looks like
someone’s had a nosebleed on the package, but I still love it.
Who doesn’t have old buttons around?
I’d glue them, though. Quicker.

A cascade of stars. Easy.

A pompom that a child could make.

I love this, too. Many possible variations.
If you were really crafty (and patient) you could hand stencil white paper.

Button and string. What could be easier?

Maybe you’re not traditional.
My sister-in-love routinely wraps like this.
I try not to hate her.

The title tells you how to do it. Cute cute cute!
And something to do with those leftover tins.
I definitely need to buy some mints so I can do this.

Little works of art.
Definitely not budget wrap. But lovely.

These are various Christmas towels.
Finally! a use for that glitter pen in your drawer!

Cute way to wrap home made jams & cookies.

I found some of those little “takeout” containers at Michaels.

Easy. Colorful.
Untraditional color choices still scream the season.

Inspired? Got an idea to share? Tap it out below.

One comment on “Creative Christmas wrapping
  1. LOVE the stars and the word search! Fantastic ideas!

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