Now is the time to use critical thinking

April 24, 2020

critical-thinkingIt was bound to happen: a time when in order to survive, we’re called on to use critical thinking skills.

Many of us are ill-prepared to do this because we haven’t been taught to evaluate what we see, read or experience. We’re taught to buy it lock, stock and barrel. Or it’s just a knee-jerk response because it’s the way we’ve gotten along in our environment since we were young.

Oh yeah, environment counts. I have a deep understanding of how that works. And how important critical thinking is. Even Walt Whitman knew it.

Does your soul approve of kids being separated from their parents and caged? Does your soul believe we can let people die in the interests of the Dow?

If you use the very good brain God gave you to think critically, you can reach no other conclusion but one: regime change is needed. Our very survival depends on it.


2 comments on “Now is the time to use critical thinking
  1. This is perfect Carol. Thank you.

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