Cultivating the garden of our life

December 7, 2012
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Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself.
Now that’s something I need to do more of,
because I’m pretty good at recognizing my own failings.
Even if I don’t acknowledge them out loud.
Louise Hay uses a beautiful and fitting garden analogy to teach us patience
and the value of cultivating our lives.

She points out that we start a garden by preparing the earth, then plant seeds.
Sun and water provide nourishment for growth.
At first, not much happens. 
But still, we continue feeding and watering, and over time,
things change and our garden grows and blossoms.
We don’t expect immediate blooming, we have patience.
Hay asks “what kind of seeds–thoughts–
contribute to creating the garden of your life?”
Thoughts planted in the fertile soil of the subconscious mind take root.
Are we planting positive thoughts?
Or are we focused on the negative?
It would be wise to take care with how we think, what we plant,
 so that we can one day reap the
bountiful harvest of our heart’s desire.
Speaking of Louise Hay, I do love her books.
They’re beautifully illustrated
and so inspirational.
Another good holiday gift idea.

*Photo: Carol Cassara, 2012
5 comments on “Cultivating the garden of our life
  1. I do love the picture!
    And her thoughts in a garden metaphor make it easy to see in our lives

  2. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    I try to make the most of each stage of my life. Hopefully this will continue.

  3. I always find the metaphor of gardens or seeds so applicable to explaining many of life’s difficult concepts.

  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    You and I have something in common if you love Louise Hay. I find her books so wonderful. It is important to be kind to ourselves as we would be to anyone else.

  5. Grace, I love her. So wise. 😉

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