Cute dog photos alert!

February 16, 2015

Did I say that I was tired of cute dog photos? I’m not. Not if they involve our Riley. So today, I’ll share a few cute photos of the little rascal.
Cute dog photosThere’s no more iconic sight than that of a dog and a fire hydrant. Riley usually ignores them on his walks, but some really interesting canine must be leaving messages because he’s stopping by to check pee-mail more often these days. Yes, Riley is a cute dog.

Cute dog photosOne of the great mysteries in life is why this indulged pup would eschew his plush bed and blanket for…the carpet.  Go figure. If you’ve got an explanation, I’d like to hear it.

Ri killing flipflopIs there anything more fun than killing a fabric flip-flop?  I didn’t think so.

rley car57Someone waiting in the car. Supervised, of course. He usually rides in his carrier, seat-belted into the car.

Cute dog photosA sunny Sunday in bed with book, newspapers and Mom.  Oh, that face. Honestly. How lucky am I?

Riley screen 8 13 closer

A summer scene, through the screen in the family room. I love how these look like Benday dots and someone’s cool art project. Maybe mine!

Ri in hoodieWinter walk in the ‘hood.  The hoodie  makes it almost impossible to tell which end is which. Plus, when his grey hood is up, he reminds me of a monk.  Dominus vobiscum.

Riley paintingAn extremely talented nine-year-old did this from a photo. No, I’m not joking. And it captures his personality completely.  This kid’s got a great career ahead of him.

Got a favorite of the photos above? Share in the comments and Riley might send one of you something fun. In fact, he will!  Yes, a cute-dog-post giveaway.  I promise it won’t be a dog, though. North American entries, only, please. Thank you!


43 comments on “Cute dog photos alert!
  1. kdcol says:

    Gotta pick the one where Riley is lying outside his bed. So cute and reminds me of our dog’s questionable behavior. I love taking dog pics too. So much easier than a human target. Ha.

  2. Yes! Riley is adorable!!

  3. Riley is so precious. Love your photos Carol!

  4. That is an amazing painting by a 9yr old! Wow!

  5. Laura Ehlers says:

    I think the rearview mirror pic is my absolute fav! I captures the adventurous spirit of a dog on the move!!

  6. Such a cute dog! And that 9 year old is a great artist!

  7. Carol: Riley is adorable – and the young artist who painted him is such a talent! I’ve seen to many pet paintings, and while they’re nice they rarely capture the personality of the dog the way this young artist has. I also find most pet paintings to be devoid of an artistic flair – while this painting is something I’d put in my home even if Riley weren’t my dog.

    Big future for sure – thanks for sharing!

  8. Riley is adorable. I love dogs. Maybe I should post pics of mine! I have a female Golden Retriever who was a rescue and she is Psycho.

  9. Julee says:

    Riley is adorable. I love him on the bed…but the best photo is the one by the 9 year old…holy wow!

  10. Lana says:

    Riley is so cute – you can just see his personality shining through in these photos. My favorite is the picture of him sleeping on the carpet next to his bed!

  11. Rachael says:

    The mirror pic is pretty cute! what a cute dog.

  12. Laurel Regan says:

    Sweet boy! Love the face in the rear-view mirror.

  13. Jeanine says:

    So cute and that painting is amazing, 9 years old? Wow. ! What a great job! Would love to get some paintings of my furbabies!

  14. Nothing better than cute dog pictures! Riley is adorable!

  15. Hannah says:

    What a cute dog! Lovely pictures! I initially came here as I saw the piece of art that came up on the thumbnail as my blog is largely about illustration. What a talented young lady!

    Hannah x

  16. Oh, Riley is super cute! It’s no wonder you have a hard time staying away from cute dog pics! lol He is so little…but, then again, I’m used to our 200 lb St Bernard, Dexter. 🙂

  17. Haralee says:

    He is adorable! The 9 year old’s picture is amazing. Of all the pictures I like, the out the car waiting taken in the side view is my favorite!

  18. I’m a sucker for cute dog pictures and Riley is adorable! The things our dogs get away with because of those heart-melting expressions!

  19. I am a dog lover so this article is definitely one of my favorites and yes indeed this is full of cuteness

  20. Estelle says:

    Yes Riley is a cutie patootie. I love the pic of him in the hood, where it’s hard to tell which end is up. And you quoting Latin was the best!

  21. Ruth Curran says:

    I love the view in the side view mirror. And seriously, nine-years-old??? Amazing!

  22. Tesha Fritz says:

    This is one cute pooch!

  23. so adorable! and that painting is perfect 🙂

  24. Carolann says:

    I never get tired of seeing cute poochies! Riley is adorable! That paining is amazing..would love to follow that kids art career for sure! Thanks for sharing and making me smile while I scrolled down 🙂

  25. BellyBytes says:

    Aaw…. the most amazing post. Cute dogs make you smile wider………..

  26. Layne says:

    What an amazing picture! Our son desperately wants a dog so I have no doubt one will be joining our family soon.

  27. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh what a sweet little pup! I just love these photos. We’re huge dog people too. Wish my daughter was still awake so I could show her these!

  28. Quintuplicatemom says:

    Oh, the one of him on your bed beside a book! It makes me want to cry, he looks so much like my dear little dog did… we had to put her to sleep last summer and it still breaks my heart. The picture in your header is one reason I keep coming back here. Lovely doggy pictures, thanks for sharing!

  29. Very cute dog. I can tell the dog is totally loved.

  30. haha… just like my dogs… why sleep on the comfy bed when there is a hard floor next door…

  31. Liz Mays says:

    You’ve definitely got yourself an adorable little one there. You’re quite lucky!

  32. Diane says:

    Oh, Riley is a cutie!
    A nine-year-old? All I can manage is . . . wow!

  33. I love these! Riley is flippin adorable.

    I’ve got to find a 9 year old to paint my Dexter. That is a lovely piece you’ve got there!

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