Cute dog photos from readers

October 25, 2013

Cute readers AND cute dogs!  Thanks to all the dog owners and dog friends who sent pix!

Chancy hikesDon’t let Chancey’s teeny size fool you. He just did some rock climbing in Tahoe with his people. They’re fit, he’s fit and they live in Capitola, CA. I know him. And his people. Like in real life.



Awwww….Buddy’s a handsome guy, isn’t he? His owner says that innocent face is because he’s just done something naughty, but I don’t believe it for a minute. Do you?



As in Hammett. Dashiell Hammett. What a fabulous name and he looks like a sweet fella, doesn’t he? Any dog that has a literary name AND is that cute could be a good friend of mine. A REAL good friend!



Oh, now, seriously: is there a nicer breed than the doodle mixes? Lambeau is a labradoodle, which means personality-plus. One of Riley’s friends is a Golden Doodle–they loved to play when she was a pup– and if she weren’t now too big for him I’d babysit her. But Lambeau? Any person would be lucky to have Lambeau. Swoon!



This is sweet Lily, who belongs to a former colleague and friend in Florida. I remember when she got Lily, but now this sweetheart’s in her elder years.  But never fear. Keeping her young is…

Oliver…her younger brother, Oliver.  What a fine fella he is!  He looks like he just stepped out of a painting. The Cavaliers have the sweetest faces in the world. Oliver’s a great name; I had a Weimaraner named Oliver many years ago.

Rhino & Mitzi

Rhino & Mitzi, RIP

Rhino & Mitzi were beloved dogs of my friend, R. And weren’t they adorable?


20131011_212231(1) 20131011_212231(1)Don’t ask. This photo looks perfectly straight on my screen.

Anyway, this is George, R’s current dog. He’s camera-shy, and this is her best shot of him. I think he’s messing with my Mac.



I met Shaggy the other night. A seriously beautiful dog with a lovely disposition. Thank you, Cecelia, for sending a seasonal photo! Of course, this raises the question if Cecelia brought Shaggy to the pumpkin patch alone OR if there was a child involved. Of course, I couldn’t blame her for giving Shaggy a holiday experience even without a child. Any dog fanatic  would do the same. Like me.

Little Charlie

Little Charlie

I went to college with my friend Jack, and while he doesn’t have a dog of his own, he is godfather to dogs and one is Little Charlie, who still looks great in a tutu at age 13 and won first prize with it in a Halloween contest. Charlie is a female, not a cross-dresser.

Our Little He

Our Little He

Isn’t he handsome? You’re probably wondering why we have all those throw rugs. Little He is now almost 16 and he can’t get traction on hardwood. Little He is truly the nicest dog ever. He was found in M’s front yard at less than 2 months old and the thought was that his mother was from a pack of feral dogs that roamed Coconut Grove area of Miami. He’s lived with M. ever since. It was my lucky day when he joined my pack.

Arias--his favorite.

“Ah-hooo! Werewolves of London…”

My little pumpkin, Riley, is always ready for his closeup, even when he’s doing a big solo, as in the photo above. He’s a Warren Zevon fan, yes. And, it’s seasonal music this month.

And then:

Lovely Chloe, who belonged to my friend, Barbara….may that pretty kitty rest in peace. She’s so cute we’ll make her an honorary dog. She probably has already reincarnated as one already. Although that expression on her face is pure cat.ChloeKelly

25 comments on “Cute dog photos from readers
  1. Laura says:

    My Lily feels He’s pain when it comes to not getting traction. Lily has the same troubles on our tile. I love all of these cute photos. Dogs are such a blessing. Thank you for the kind words about my dog-children.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I’m having a terrible case of dog-longing now! After my last dog passed, I vowed not to get another…but now…dunno. Adorable pics!

  3. These are adorable! As I went through each I kept thinking, “THIS is the cutest!” All so very cute. But being the owner of a tabby who thinks she’s a dog, I gotta go with precious, departed Chloe. Great way to start my day. Thank you!

  4. How did that darn cat slip in there??? Love the dogs though.

  5. So proud to see my perfect dog, Lambeau in your roundup. Thanks!

  6. What fun! I have allergies, not pets, but I sure enjoy other people’s photos.

  7. They are all adorable and make me want to get a dog again!

  8. Haralee says:

    Adorable and really like the cat at the end. After 16 years as a dog owner I changed sides 6 years ago to a cat owner. My big guy, Louis Weintraub is a very dog like cat in that he walks with you, hangs with you and goes to the door when the doorbell rings.

  9. Sue says:

    Just loved seeing all these dogs and I meant to send mine in but it got away from me. Thanks for the Dog Show…best is show winner is……….ALL of them with a special mention to kitty Chloe.

  10. Bouncin Barb says:

    What a fun post Carol. All these dogs were blog worthy and Chloe was beautiful. Nice job!

  11. Susan Cooper says:

    What a great post. All the dogs are so cute. 🙂

  12. Ricki says:

    George has the unique ability to look awesome even when he’s standing on the wall. Freaks me out around the house tho

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