Debt to society

August 17, 2009

Michael Vick.

I understand that he’s “paid his debt to society,” at least by legal standards. But I am just so uncomfortable with his reappointment to a position where he serves as a highly-paid role model for young men.

Something happens to professional athletes. They live in a world of their own, insulated from many of the things that restrain and constrain a member of “regular” society. They are revered. They are rich beyond measure. They get whatever they want.

They are untouchable.

It’s easy to see how empathy would be hard to come by in a world like that.

People involved in dogfighting are the scum of the earth, and although Vick may have been breathing rarified air, he fits the bill.

I don’t think he should get out of jail, say a few words of contrition and be allowed back immediately into that world of privilege.

I am sure he is contrite. After all, he found himself in prison, where his biggest issue was probably worry about bending over in the shower. Or maybe someone shanking him. He lost his big-paying job. He couldn’t play ball. He was vilified.

Yes, he’s contrite. I’m sure he wants his Frette sheets back. And that privileged life. And would say/do anything to get it back.

But deep inside, I’ll bet he still thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

I’ll bet he’s being practical.

One comment on “Debt to society
  1. TJ says:

    I agree totally.

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